Michael Jackson Home Re-Investigated for Drugs

Today investigators re-entered Michael Jackson’s home in Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles and retrieved samples in brown envelopes for evidence. Jackson’s personal physician Conrad Murray a cardiologist whom Jackson only met once was hired to be on tour with him in Europe. Joe Jackson is concerned about the reason why his son is dead -ordered a private autopsy which will be revealed in days, instead of the state autopsy which will take several weeks. CNN reports Dr. Murray did not give Jackson any drugs including Demerol or morphine or Oxycontin. Jackson met in Los Vegas 2 years ago through a friend after he attended to Jackson’s child and their friendship began. If Dr. Murray did a report with Michael Jackson before he started treating him, he would have known that Jackson had a drug addiction problem. The rumors are that Jackson’s body was riddled with needle holes and there were several undigested tablets in his stomach after death occurred.

The CPR treatment given by Dr. Murray was defended by his lawyer on CNN News June 29th at 10:10 p.m., with Anderson Cooper on Breaking News.  Katherine Jackson meanwhile attended court to obtain custody for Michael Jackson’s three children:

Michael Jackson with his Parents Katherine and Joe Jackson
Michael Jackson with his Parents Katherine and Joe Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson Junior also known as Prince,

Prince Michael Jackson II and

Paris Michael Katherine Jackson also known as Blanket.

Mrs. Katherine Jackson also was made executor of her son’s estate and has control of her son’s financial affairs.

Joe Jackson made some rather confusing statements of his own yesterday by announcing his future business plans of a record company, as if he were at a press conference rather than answering questions of the Jackson families grief. At the BET awards show Joe Jackson said “He’s bigger than every now”, meaning his son is receiving more fame in death than he did when he was alive.  Joe Jackson was more interested in plugging his new record company that his own son’s death and did not seem to be grieving moreover enjoying the spotlight again on himself.

Janet Jackson spoke at the BET awards briefly in tribute to her brother Michael. Michael Jackson said to Oprah on her show that he was beaten by his father with a switch and a belt when Michael was a child.

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