Michael Jackson Overdose on Morphine-Demerol

Michael Jackson Overdose on Morphine-Demerol  Speculation swirls around the sudden death of Michael Jackson yesterday June 25th which was the same day that Farrah Fawcett died of cancer.

Those close to Jackson indicate that Michael was taking a cocktail of prescription pain killers dating back to several months ago. The drugs are implicated to causing breathing and cardiac arrest and it is unknown until the toxicology reports are revealed exactly how much and how many drugs Jackson was taking before his death.

In a similar case of Nicole Smith, Elvis Presley and other entertainers who died suddenly of an overdose of drugs -Jackson even had a doctor present when he died.

Michael Jackson’s manager Frank DiLeo was with him also at the time of his apparent heart attack stated: “the family has been trying for months and months and months to take care of Michael Jackson. The people who have surrounded him have been enabling Him”.

It seems that Jackson’s sudden death is attributed to the abuse of prescription medications especially the drug Demerol used for pain relief. Other suspected drugs are: Xanon, Zoloft and morphine and can cause death if taken in excess. But who made these drugs available to Michael Jackson may have played a part in the drug overdose that killed him.

Jackson was taking Demerol as far back as 1984 when he had burnt his head during a Pepsi commercial shoot and was taking the drug during the 1990’s which caused him the side effects of dehydration and chest pains. The pain Jackson was trying to relieve was his broken leg when he fell from the stage and a broken vertebra in his back for which he was suspected of taking Demerol.

TMZ reports Michael was given a heavy dose of morphine before his death and his personal physician is no where to be found. Police want to interview the doctor and law enforcement report the doctor’s BMW was towed from the Jackson home last night. Also that Joe Jackson wanted to put Michael into a drug rehab program and family members felt he was not up to performing the 50 sold out concerts upcoming in July in London which have all been cancelled.

Brian Oxman who is the Jackson family’s attorney for twenty years indicated said he warned the family of Michael Jackson’s excessive use of prescription drugs. Jackson also associated with actress Elizabeth Taylor who also took drugs for pain throughout her life.

Michael Jackson Overdose on Morphine-Demerol

Jackson died at 2:26 p.m. having had a cardiac arrest at his home in Los Angeles. The coroner’s autopsy to find out exactly why Michael Jackson died proceeds today and samples of blood, tissue and fluids have been taken for lab analysis.

The world has poured out messages to the Jackson family of sympathy and support during this difficult time of the loss of Michael Jackson and many in the music industry have sent their own personal accounts of working with Michael Jackson.

It is unknown where Jackson’s three children are residing but the Jackson family would be engaged in their well being during the sudden loss of their father.



Sources: Thaindian News

Michael Jackson Overdose on Morphine-Demerol


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  1. Apparently his family especially Janet Jackson did try to get Michael to get professional help for his prescription drug addiction however he was not willing enough to seek treatment. You right though, more celebrities need interventions to stop their deadly addiction to prescription drugs. Also medical doctors should be held accountable for administering addictive drugs. Thanks for your comment and your center called Intervention Help Tennessee and for the work you are doing to help prescription drug addicts.

    Politicol News

  2. Jackson would have benefited from intervention help. It is a shame that his family chose not to help him get the help that he so obviously needed.

  3. michael jackson is a very very talented person to the point that he rose as a pop icon. he would live forever in our history books and memories.

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