Melinda Gates- Furthering Population Control Agenda

Melinda Gates at a TED Conference furthers the population control agenda has seized on the Birth Control issue now highlighted by right wing religious groups in US politics. Gates campaign to “Let’s Put Birth Control Back on the Agenda”. The agenda is really population control by contraceptives in third world countries. 

The billionaire couple Bill and Melinda Gates continue their quest to control
the birth rates in ethnic countries around the world such as India, Africa and Indo-china cultures.

The debate of right wing evangelicals in the US, has fought to ban abortion, making it difficult to obtain birth control pills and other forms of contraception. On the other hand, pharmaceuticals need to sell their birth control products, and they need salesmen like the Gates couple. All of a sudden the Gates have become experts in birth control and reducing the world’s population.

The Gates have pharmaceutical interests through direct investments, donations to pharmas for vaccines, birth control and also GMO food. The billionaire couple call it “philanthropic interests”.

Bill Gates has endorsed Genetically Modified Pesticide seed for Africa which of course has a side benefit of sterility. He’s also made speeches on reducing the world’s population.

Melinda makes this presentation at a TED Conference promoting birth control and if you notice the pictures of women and couples in her presentation are not from caucasian countries. Bill Gates has also made public statements about “controlling the world’s population” and reducing the whole world’s population growth to zero.

“If only we can stop the poor from reproducing we’d have more resources for ourselves” is the theme here.
“If only we can get the poor to start using birth control, we can control who has babies and who shouldn’t have babies”.
“If only we can get them to eat genetically modified food, we can stop them from reproducing, or kill them off faster by ensuring they consume pesticides.

If only their greed was directed at bettering life instead of interference in other world countries birth rates.

If only Bill and Melinda Gates could truly embrace “bettering the planet” instead of attempting to control it with their profitable businesses, Monsanto and pharmaceutical companies. Eugenics is not a viable method but it is one that the Gates prefer to support.

The restricting of human populations by billionaires, with nothing to do but embrace Darwinism, social engineering and population control concerns many people about the Gates.

The Gates have three children themselves, and a wealthy fortune from the tech industry. The fact that Melinda Gates is a catholic, presents an issue for the church that rails against contraception control.

If only they would just go away.

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