Mel Gibson’s Mistresses

Mel Gibson’s mistresses have come forth and this is while he was with his first mistress that caused the end to his marriage with his wife of many years.  Let’s get this straight -Mel had a mistress and his mistress on the side of his mistress.  It appears he was cheating on the women he cheated with in his marriage. Be aware the world is just as confused and surprised at the turn of events in Mel’s love life.

The bombshells keep coming for actor Mel Gibson as TMZ reports that a fitness model who claims to have had an affair with Mel Gibson while Oksana Grigorieva was pregnant with his child. While Mel had a mistress- he had another mistress and cheated on his mistress, this is beginning to sound like another Tiger Woods affair.

The woman Violet Kowal who is Polish has hired Gloria Alred to represent her in any legal requirements in the game of “mistresses that hired Gloria” has come forth to add her testimony to the Oksana -Mel Gibson breakup. The soap opera continues for Mel’s love life has unravelled his career in a matter of months.

New Mel Gibson Mistress Hires Gloria Alred- Courtesy TMZ

The rich the powerful and the famous Mel Gibson has hired lawyers to counter the claims of violence, abusive behaviour made by Oksana and the matter is in the courts between their dueling lawyers. Mel and Oksana’s daughter Lucia will be the one who suffers from her parents fighting and battles as she grows up without stable parents.

Meanwhile the Mel Gibson audio tapes are continuously being released one after the other that top any of his movies in the way of drama and obsessive rants.  The latest summary is that Mel’s marriage started to unravel then the drinking and driving drunk Jewish rants which had a negative effect on his image but not a total wipeout such as he is experiencing now in the press.

Mel was then appearing in public with his girlfriend Oksana who was pregnant with his child and he announced his marriage was over.  Then we have Mel  accused of abusing his girlfriend Oksana, his baby daughter and hitting them. Then the tapes started rolling out every day a new rant, a new tape and a new vision of Mel Gibson -the romantic hero’s dark side emerged. Gibson has been the butt of jokes for months on late night circuit and his career is basically in the toilet after his agent walked out on him also. Next to BP oil Mel is the most hated man next to Tony Hayward for his abuses.

If Gibson is to ever recover from this disturbing revelation of his love life he needs years and years of counseling and therapy.

The press has reported and televised recorded tapes of Mel Gibson going at it on the phone with severely abusive language in speaking with Oksana.  The tapes include an apology for hitting Oksana and photos of bruises were published in the last few months.  Photo Courtesy of TMZ.

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