Medicare Discussions on Debt Reduction

May 13, 2011   Medicare Discussions on Debt Reduction

Vice President Joe Biden said that the third rounds of discussion with the Republicans include medicare topics and also include tax increases or cuts.

The GOP are refusing to have discussions except on “their terms” and one of the terms is Medicare and entitlement programs in their attempt to redesign medicare to a voucher program.

Biden stated that ” we agreed everything is discussed. My friends think you can go int a negotiation and say ahead of time that revenues are not a part of this. This is ridiculous”.

Republicans want long term medicare cuts and it is open to discussion however democrats will not allow the republicans to get their way to gut the system that keeps elderly seniors alive.

The entitlement programs like tax cuts for the wealthy are never on the table with the GOP -they are breaching all forms of social assistance and have failed to show cause.

The cost of 10 years of war have caused the deficit under the Bush administration and now seniors are being made to pay for the mistakes of the republican party.  This is a double edged sword going into the 2012 Presidential election where it will be a hard swallow for many conservative and independent voters.

Photo: Joe Biden in discussion with Republicans on Medicare -is it on the table for debt reduction, but not the revenues?

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