McDonald’s Mystery McNuggets

April 11, 2011

McDonald’s Mystery McNuggets

McDonald’s in its never ending quest to provide good paying customers with the most unhealthiest foods available to mankind, just reached a new all time low.

This photo below – looks like ice cream right?  Maybe some sugary strawberry mouse concoction or soft pink and lovely snake of something crappy.

Well listen up McDonald’s Eaters. This picture is worse than you think.

Large food producers are always trying to cut costs in fact to improve their bottom line today, they will do almost anything possible to serve whatever is cheap, looks appealing but is the most unhealthy food (if you can call it food).

We call it Re Processed Fake Food or Frankenfoods.

McDonald’s knows full well what it is doing to you the consumer in serving you these very unhealthy foods.  Besides the fact that chicken McNuggets are fried in re-fried grease -stale and rancid oils you have to look deeper on this story.

Like most factory farms the lower the quality -the better the product.
This substance cannot be called Chicken at all but it is used to make McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets.

Yes that food you feed your growing children and the food that poor children eat from modest income families is something called AMR.

Advanced Meat Recovery

Rather than using wholesome fresh chicken meat that we would normally find in a grocery store this is a Recovered Meat substance.

Some meat producers found a way to put carcasses into a machine which strips what little is left off a bone from chicken, turkey, pig, and cows by scraping bones clean. Usually, these carcasses have been sitting around, perhaps on the floor of some factory farm until it was well soiled and stale.

What you see in this pink blob is refuse, better known as garbage and McDonald’s uses this substance as the main ingredient of their fast food.

This is from carcasses that have been sitting around for who knows how long and how disgustingly rotted it became before it went int this meat processing machine.

The meat is crawling with bacteria and germs and then to kill that bacteria it is soaked in ammonia.  Yes that’s right AMMONIA.

Then because you will taste the ammonia which turns the material into a pink color, it is artificially flavored with more chemical additives dyes and colors to make it “look and taste like a hamburger”.

But, they don’t stop there.


No this is not ice cream, it is not icing for cakes! It is a very unnatural way to make meat out of dead carcass scrap meat that is so bad tasting, they have to add flavors to it to make it taste like meat.

The color is also not natural, not like anything normal or fresh. This is how AMR Advanced Meat Recovery – makes its way to your local McDonald’s.

And you thought you were eating real beef hamburgers?

The color looks very unappealing so they add more coloring to the mash of bacteria left over mess and color it with artificial colors to make it look like chicken.

This material is used to make: Chicken McNuggets, bologna, hot dogs, salami, pepperoni, meat jerky and of course our all time favorite the McNugget.

Way to poison a generation of children all eating this material with a McDonald’s Happy Face.

This is the wave of the future- cheap, deadly food from mass food production farms and mass food distributors who put profits before people’s health.

Actually this type of food should be banned if we had a Food and Drug Administration that was working to protect people’s health instead of working for corporate interests.
What’s In Your McDonald’s McNuggets?

This should Never be Allowed to Be Sold as Food-The FDA has to put a stop to this -before any more people die of food poisoning.  Is there anyone in the US government with ethics anymore?

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