McConnell-GOP Goal-Get Rid of Obama

McConnell-GOP Goal-Get Rid of Obama

It was never about job creation, the economy, helping the environment, creating stability in the financial markets or making sure Wall Street never melts down again in the November mid-term elections.  It was never about budgets, controlling the debt or paying off our deficits – it was all about Making Obama a One Term President.

A sound byte that is echoed by Michele Bachmann in every speech:

Obama is a One Term President and this is their cat call leading up to the 2012 Presidential Election.

How does one party make an obsessive, destructive comment like this in the midst of the most disastrous economy in history when Americans cannot put food on their table, have lost their jobs, their homes and any prospects for the future is beyond us.

Top Priority Mitch McConnell -Obama One Term President

The raw truth about politics is power and greed and the top priority of voters is to get rid of old dinosaurs like Mitch McConnell and put them out to pasture.

If the GOP believe their goals will ever materialize in 2012 they are very mistaken and if they believe that if they do not win in 2012 they will do as much damage to the economy as possible, to make Obama look bad.  Some experts even suggest that corporations are purposefully holding off on any hiring or job creation to also make democrats look bad or how they somehow caused this mess in 2008.

If the US – under the control of Mitch McConnell’s of this world keep lying to Americans, the country is going into the ditch. This hatred and vitriol directed at the President is what republicans are all about this term after the Nov. 2010 mid-terms.

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Mitch McConnell has always been in the front row on campaigns against the healthcare bill, and ensures that wealthy republicans can continue to corrupt the system. All during the first year of President Obama’s term, McConnell attacked the health care bill to protect the insurance companies.

Yet again McConnell leads the way with a Filibuster and a deplorable gridlock of government over the class structure of Rich v.s. the poor and their entire agenda this term was to destroy any lifelines Americans have left.

McConnell also sided with Wall Street to protect the crooks against any regulations that would make them accountable, he is not for the people of America, he is for the corporations, the wealthy and his fellow republican snobs.

Why should the focus of the GOP be to take out a democrat President, that was duly elected by the people to fix George Bush’s left overs?  That was a cheap shot and the GOP are digging their own graves for the 2012 election.