John McCain Stopped Financial Reform

John McCain and his friend Phil Gramm -the guy that called Americans Whiners tried to stop financial reform in recent years.  Today -they are still fighting against regulations.  The lack of regulations caused the meltdown and then they proposed a bailout for wall street then blame the Democrats.

John McCain-Fights Financial Reform-as do most Career Politicians

Politicians on the right like John McCain fight financial reforms that could cause another meltdown if not enacted now. If republicans try to block this bill they will be turned down at the voting booth come November by both the right and the left and the Tea Party waggers.

Nice plan but it does not work to promote failure then bail out bad loans and Republicans voted against reform because it is bad for business.  Business seems to have more greed than ethics today and Republicans are fueling the anti-regulation. The new plan makes The Banks financially back their gambles with their own money and some of which the CEO’s who paid themselves millions of dollars can be put on the bet as well.

It is time to end the shady deals of Wall Street the American public are sick and tired of hearing about Wall Street bailouts and have better understanding now on what reforms can provide as they are necessary.

It is good and well to desire a free economy however a free economy attracts thieves, gamblers and shake downs by unscrupulous financiers who think they are above the law.  Wall Street has spent millions of dollars sending an army of lobbyists to Washington to kill the bill-and its odd that we are not hearing from the Tea Party on killing this bill.  They don’t dare -commit an act of political suicide by denying the need for financial reform in this country.

Phil Gramm-Americans are A Bunch of Whiners, How do You Like Me Now?

Republicans against Financial Reform

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