McCain Practically Concedes the Race

John McCain practically concedes the election race to the Whitehouse and is down in all polls just days away from the election.

It appears his negative campaigning with attacks on Obama about Joe the Plumber who is not really a licensed plumber and who owes the state of Ohio back income taxes. Joe is a guy who doesn’t believe in paying taxes.

The attacks about Ayers are not founded on fact and then Sarah Palin hitting up the taxpayer for lavish family vacation trips under the guise of accompanying her on her campaign trail.

It appears Mrs. Palin wants you the taxpayer to pay for her nights sleeping at home while she bills you for hotel accommodations and expenses. She has since September changed those records that were initially released to show these per diem expenses.

That does sound like a maverick, but do we need the Palin’s of this world racking up more fake billings at taxpayers expense?
With days to go before the general election more Americans are seeing the light of the two candidates for the GOP and there is definitely a shift to the Obama side.

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Obama 313
McCain 207


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