Massive Ice Flow Break off of Labrador

Updated: July 22, 2011 12:11 P.M. Massive Ice Flow Break-off of Labrador

 New York City residents need to worry about the heat wave, the giant ice cube courtesy of the glacier icebergs is coming your way.

A massive ice flow broke off off of a glacier a year ago, is heading for the east coast of Canada to Newfoundland and possibly further south to New York City. 

The massive ice island,  is so large that it would encompass Manhattan. The ice is 20 square miles that formed a larger piece measuring 97 square miles and is another example of global warming of the northern arctic ocean waters.

Most of an iceberg’s mass is underwater not above the surface

For the First Time in 50 Years The Largest Chuck of Ice breaks off From Glaciers in the North Pole Region

Not in the past 50 years have massive pieces of glaciers melted this quickly and in such large quantities or masses of ice.

The Ice actually is flowing at approximately 5 to 6 miles per hour given the figures by Environment Canada which could be considered a moving ice berg or an island.

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More Footage of the “small” chuck of moving ice, captured by Eldren Burden and has been seen by crab fisherman and locals of Port Hope. 

In this video a fishing boat captures the iceberg actually breaking up first hand near Newfoundland.

The berg will cause problems as it approaches the shipping lanes, as this ship encountered on a trip. The larger issue however is the historic ice melting at the polar caps while energy lobbyists deny global warming exists.

More Ships Colliding with Icebergs

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