List of Companies that Outsource Jobs

Oct. 21, 2010  The list of companies that outsource jobs is growing and appears to be the large corporations with headquarters in the United States. These American companies are part of the reason why the unemployment rates are climbing.  The list grows longer each year as more companies seeking to cut labor costs send jobs overseas leaving more Americans without an income.

American Corporations that Outsource American Jobs

If the trend continues the Gross national product will disappear and more Americans will be below the poverty level.

Some political parties blame this all on the Democrats but job losses have steadily increased for the last 10 years since no one is stopping it from happening. Corporate interests complain of high taxes, high labor costs but not many are invested in keeping America strong.

Cheap labor in foreign countries and lower taxes are appealing however when you have a sluggish economy, and consumers who cannot afford to buy goods,  the ultimate problem is finding buyers for all the cheaply made foreign products.

Jobs, jobs and more jobs, everyone want’s jobs. As young adults graduate from college they can’t find a job.  This is where small businesses shine since they are the biggest segment of the economy that create jobs.  The small town businesses fueled by innovative entrepreneurs are the force that will create jobs.

These entrepreneurs need stimulus and we need to help them achieve their goals. Most Americans agree they would rather buy American made products than sending their money to a foreign country.

China has been the leader of cheaply made products but what is it doing to the American economy?  Products imported from China are cheap this is true, but they do not have longevity and end up in our landfills faster than every before.

Durable consumer goods are a thing of the past and today you find your replacing your coffee maker every year, as well as other household appliances simply because they are cheap and of lower quality.

For Americans to shift the paradigm the slogan “Buy American” is the only way to stimulate the economy.

If you see any of these companies or purchase their products just know that they are part of the economic job drain and find alternatives.


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