Limbaugh Sex Sponsor Oddly Sells Erection Pills

Mar. 10, 2012  The Stop Rush Project’s list of Rush Limbaugh sponsors includes a company called Hot Rawks that sells male and female sex enhancement pills.

The same type of reasoning that Limbaugh uses to call a Georgetown law student a “slut” and a “prostitute” apparently doesn’t apply to his sponsors.

Instead, Clear Channel who are Rush Limbaugh’s bosses feel it is perfectly fine to advertise sexual aids to enhance the male libido the benefits being:

• Raw-Nation’s Hot Rawks™ is the only certified organic male performance enhancement supplement on the market today that actually works. There is no other way to increase your overall sexual pleasure naturally with NO HEADACHES!

• It is the healthiest way to increase sex drive, sexual performance, sexual desire and give you stronger erections without the use of harsh stimulants like yohimbe or chemicals that can do more damage to your body than good.

• Be prepared to please all night long and never get tired, lose desire, sex drive, or erection.

• Organic is the new natural don’t be fooled by all the other “all natural” products out there.

• Doctor tested, Doctor approved

• Discreet packaging

 Oh but there is more:

The Hot Rawks also says their products do the following:


• Stronger Erections and elevated sexual power

• Increases sexual performance at peak levels

• Stimulates sensory nerves

• Increases sexual fluids

• Increases circulation & blood flow

• Increases libido

• Increases sexual energy & stamina

Other Amazing Benefits:

• Gives your body that youthful energy we all crave

• Helps enhance focus and mood

• Increases overall vitality

• Packed with antioxidants and minerals

• No crash

• No headaches

In fact the founder of the company actually testifies as to the products capabilities:


Here’s what I experienced, in a nutshell:

The first week I noticed increased energy levels as well as regained focus and concentration. I was able to stay on track all day, and never really burn out.

The second week is when the crazy intense sexual dreams kicked in. I also noticed a major increase in natural lubrication and sexual fluids.

The third week is when the powerful orgasms kicked in. I didn’t think my already-strong pleasure wave could get any more intense. I was wrong. It was like a lapping current had turned into a white-capped wave of sensation!” end quote


Now the hypocrisy is clear, not only did Rush Limbaugh admonish Sandra Fluke in these words: “she wants us to pay for her to have sex” his sponsor is actually selling pills to have more sex!

The reality here is that Rush Limbaugh is a hypocrite in the first degree and a liar with a double standard for men.

As Sandra Fluke said on The View on whether Limbaugh should be fired:

“I’m going to leave that up to the sponsors, up to Clear Channel Communications, and the members of the American public who support those companies,” said Fluke, who called out conservative TV and radio personality Glenn Beck for jumping on Limbaugh’s attack bandwagon.

“This was not one person who went crazy and made ‘funny’ outrageous statements. This is, evidently, a segment of our political commentators who think it’s acceptable in today’s society to say these things about women.”

Meanwhile the damage mounts as 98 more major advertisers have Dumped Rush Limbaugh’s Show

Think Progress


Hot Rawks for Old White Rush Limbaugh’s Sex Drive


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