Liberals v.s. Conservatives Election Showdown

April 21, 2011  Liberals v.s. Conservative Vote in Canada

Only 12 more days and Canadians go to the polls due to a Contempt of Parliament issue by the former Prime Minister Stephen Harper-Conservative Party of Canada.

Harper shut down the Canadian government twice during 5 years to prevent a Non-Confidence vote which indicates he is operates like an autocrat and has dumped Canada’s democratic Parliament.

Harper stacked the Senate with Conservatives and gave plum salaries to ex- reporters from CTV, annoyingly many who have no experience and dubious backgrounds. (Harper did no background checks on his choices).

Harper stacked the Senate which is an appointed body of the government, but with Senate reform they should be elected frequently not enjoy a lifetime appointment, pensions and salaries. Harper did not reform the Senate after he stacked it with his conservative friends which is another broken promise.

The reasons are many as to why this election is not only necessary but will shape or destroy the country in the next four vital years.   Stephen Harper has continuously extended Canada’s role in Afghanistan propping up a corrupt government in Hamid Karzai.  There are fewer than 1,000 Taliban left in the country and the fighting is mostly a waste of money.

Other values that Harper has initiated is an American styled Republican Party in Canada from taking funds away for Planned Parenthood, which cuts health services to Canadian women and teenagers.

Never would Canadians agree to this, for preventing teens from pregnancy is a religious doctrine of the Tea Party in the States.  Abortion has never been a vital issue with the majority of Canadians who feel the right to have an abortion is a women’s decision not the government.

Harper diverted part of the  1 billion dollars (or more-since he won’t release the true figures until after the election) for a G8-G20 summit in 2010 to the Muskoka’s instead of border guards.  In this instance, he lied to Parliament and the Canadian taxpayer and hired US private security forces to bash Canadians in Toronto which lined the pockets of some US friends of the Republican Party.

In this video the decisive differences are clear- the old v.s. the new -the religious v.s. freedoms and the deficit v.s. a surplus that the Liberals left in our government’s balance sheet.

The issues most Canadians are interested in is that the government assist to create jobs, increase economic health not whether Ignatieff moved to the USA. In fact this gives Ignatieff the edge on Harper’s insulated bubble that keeps him from truly understanding Canada is in trouble.

The decision will be made by voters – Not Steven Harper on May 2, 2011.

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