Leveson Inquiry- Tony Blair I Didn’t Fight It

The UK Leveson Inquiry continued today spotlighted the power of those who control the mass media’s power influence on the politics and Prime Ministers.  

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair testified before the inquiry, that he did not fight with the press, fearing it would lead to a politically damaging fight. In his testimony Blair revealed:

“I took a strategic decision to manage these people, not confront them,” he told Lord Justice Brian Leveson, who is leading the inquiry. “I didn’t say that I feared them … (but) had you decided to confront them, everything would have been pushed to the side.

“It would have been a huge battle with no guarantee of winning.”

In other words Blair confirmed the power the elite media baron had over his head. Admittedly Blair’s administration was closely tied to Murdoch’s News of the World and his media empirical control of politicians.

Tony Blair didn’t fight the corruption – he went along with it.

Tony Blair was even declared the Godfather to one of Murdoch’s children, enjoying the blessings from the Prime Minister of England. That honour is only bestowed to very close family friends, very close relatives to a family not often handed to Prime Ministers.

Blair points out he “towed the line” so to speak and made no statements of apology in his diligence in following orders from Murdoch. This is where the media gets in bed with government and actually controls policy although Blair denied making any confirmed deals with Murdoch, like the good soldier.

The Murdoch media investigation should reveal how deeply he is involved in political influence peddling merely by threatening to destroy a PM in the newspapers if they don’t play along.

It is more than some can fathom originating from the phone hacking, it appears to be just the beginning of how entwined Murdoch’s power is with the government. In the case of Tony Blair, he played along but in the case of PM Gordon Brown who didn’t, he was massacred in the media in retaliation for not complying with Murdoch’s wishes on policy.

But there is much more corruption than we know which is being exposed, including money laundering, blackmail of Prime Ministers, bribery of politicians, police, the military just about anyone who could serve Rupert Murdoch’s control machine. Crime was not out of the question, by any means any politicians or staff that didn’t comply would face the wrath of Rupert Murdoch.

Lance Price indicated that while he worked at No. 10 Downing Street, there was a deal between Labor and News International.  ” A deal had been done although with nothing in writing” wrote price.  Alastair Campbell who was Blair’s communication head rejects this claim. While Blair spoke out of both sides of his mouth he gave one story to one group of newspapers, while contradicting himself with other groups. A typical political attribute.

2008 Murdoch and Blair A Definite Relationship

It is clearly apparent that Tony Blair had a much closer relationship with Murdoch and his press machine, than any other ordinary leader of a country.

It was an intimate, mutually beneficial relationship and the Labor Party that Blair headed enjoyed good press for years, never experienced prior. Blair even travelled half way around the world to attend a conference in Australian in 1995 hosted by News Corporation.

Other witnesses expected to appear this week are: Jeremy Hunt, the culture secretary who backed up the sale of SkyNews to Murdoch, Vince Cable the business secretary, Kenneth Clarke the justice secretary, and Michael Grove the education secretary.

The tentacles of the Rupert Murdoch power house run frighteningly deep but not surprising knowing that both in the US, UK and Canada, powerful groups with plenty of cash actually run the government. 

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