Lettermans’ Sex Scandal Continues to Rock Ratings

David Letterman shocked the world with his on camera admission that he had had sex with women that work for him has caused his CBS Show ratings to go through the roof. Dave’s admission to a blackmail sting operation was the reason he came on his show and admitted to the affairs with staffers in the past.

The person who was arrested and charged was a CBS producer who was having an affair with the same women as Dave. The jealousy and inter-staff relationships was one of the reasons for the blackmail plot for 2 million dollars that Dave was presented with when he found a package in his car.
The man accuesed is a local reporter with Fox News Robert Joe Halderman who has been silent since he was charged in the extortion plot.

Meanwhile Dave’s ratings have soared and are up 19 percent over the season and up 36 percent over last Monday’s show. Soon enought we will get all the dirty laundry in Dave Letteman’s closet -even his gay romp with a man in this video. Late Night TV is about to get explosive as this new story is on hot alert on the news wire.  Late Night beat out Conan’s show by double the audience which averages 2.3 million a night.

Halderman has pleaded Not Guilty to charges of grand larceny and remains out on bail until the trial in New York.

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