Latino Voters Vital in Swing States

There is not one group more important to a Democrat win, than the Latino vote in red and swing states for the election only months away.

While Republicans attempt to stop minorities from voting through voter ID laws before November, there has been no proof that voter fraud exists in any state of the union. Recent court battles in Pennsylvania revealed that the state could not prove or indicate where voter fraud occurred and therefore the ID law in that state will be thrown out. 

President Obama leads in five key swing states in a new poll of 2,000 voters conducted in June by America’s Voice and Latino Decisions, two pro-immigration reform advocacy groups. Obama leads in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Virginia and Nevada. Estimates show that Mitt Romney would need to capture 40% of the Latino vote in these states to win the general election.

President Obama’s greatest lead is in the immigration troubled state of Arizona, where he is leading by 74% over Mitt Romney’s popularity.


A vital state is the state of Arizona where Latinos have been disenfranchised by the conservativeness of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Governor Jan Brewer. Both have been heavily discriminating against immigrants be they illegal or not, the crackdown has caused repercussions in the political climate of Arizona with charges of violating civil rights laws as well as immigration federal law. In Arizona potential voters number 575,300 Latino legal permanent residents could become naturalized citizens, can then register and vote.

Florida has 638,400 eligible voters and 790,000 who are eligible to naturalize and vote.

California has 2,026,500 eligible voters, 2,440,000 who are eligible to naturalize and vote in this election.

North Carolina

A new report released in North Carolina by  indicates there are 25,000 more registered Latino voters than the official count at the State Board of Elections which began compiling figures in 2002. That is a 35% increase in Latino votes but another 100,000 Latino citizens are not yet registered.

The majority or 62% of the registered Latino voters are young between the ages of 18 and 40 years of age. In comparison there are 34% white voters and 37% black registered voters, therefore the Latino vote is highly important in this election. In North Carolina, 58% are American citizens, 39% originate from another country other than Mexico and 47% are female voters. In total there are 225,000 Latino eligible voters up for grabs in North Carolina.

As the electorate expands this could mean a change in red states that could go blue this time around. The number of unregistered Latino voters is enough to swing Red states to Blue with 12.1 million unregistered Latino voters who are eligible to vote.

New York has 537,600 eligible Latino voters, 920,000 eligible to naturalize and vote.

Colorado has 252,750 eligible Latinos to naturalize and vote, Pres. Obama won Colorado in the last election in 2008.

New Mexico has 202,650 Legal permanent residents eligible for citizenship who could vote.

Texas has the largest number of eligible voters 2,154,600 voters and 920,000 who could naturalize and vote.

Virginia has 210,900 eligible Latinos who could be naturalized and vote.

Nevada has 181,850 Latino eligible voters who could be naturalized and vote.

“If just a portion of these voters came out to vote, they could very well determine who wins this election”. Huff Post