Lady Gaga’s Repeal DADT

Sept 17, 2010 Lady Gaga’s repeal DADT Lady Gaga has a message for her Senator  Charles Schumer of New York : “Repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and she is joining the ranks of many celebrities who are politically activated in this year’s crucial gay rights movement in the military.

Lady Gaga has become a powerful force and ally for the rights of LGBT  and a self -proclaimed voice for her generation.  She advises all viewers of her video to call their Senators this Friday Sept 17, 2010 and oppose John McCain’s filibuster against repealing DADT.  She urges her fans to advise the senators to vote with Harry Reid and Carl Levin to repeal DADT.

The usual suspects are trying to kill any changes to DADT like John McCain and yet a federal judge is set to declare a permanent injunction declaring it unconstitutional.  McCain fancies himself as a hero in his own mind but has flip-flopped on the issues depending on if it is an election year.

More celebrity hosts of their own shows like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are working towards the Million Moderate March which is planned before the November election to Restore Sanity the rally to be held at the Lincoln Memorial.  This is in response to the ho hum rally by the Tea Party supporters Glen Beck and Sarah Palin which was a planned coincidence to Martin Luther King Day.

Lady Gaga – A Message to The Senate Video- Repeal Don’t Ask -Don’t Tell

Lady Gaga has been a popular force leading the youth of today and an icon in music history not only because she wears art, but because she speaks to the issues of the day including the meat dress which has it’s own message. I am not a piece of meat to be taken advantage of and certainly Lady Gaga is admired for her forceful presence on stage.

Caught in a Bad Romance received 280 million views on YouTube and this is evidence of how popular Gaga is and what an incredible force she would be in political issues. Gaga takes the stance that everyone should be treated equally including the brave soldiers fighting for our freedoms if they are gay or straight.

It is apparent that Sarah Palin and her Mama Grizzlies have hi-jacked the Republican party which is now in shambles with diverse groups speaking for the new party the republican conservative fringe party.

Today Sarah Palin’s speech in Iowa calls Karl Rove out to join the Tea Party and come into the light which is frustrating Republicans every time she opens her mouth. The recent win by Christine O’Donnell beating Mike Castle has angered the likes of Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh called the Republican Establishment  by Palin and her crew.

Lady Gaga-gets Politicol- Calls for Repeal of Don't Ask-Don't Tell

The Tea Party movement has spared the likes of John McCain who’s stale beliefs make hima more of a candidate a senior’s home. The oddity of John McCain who’s  voice in the senate has him introducing a bill to ban vitamins and supplements and keeping DADT.  McCain has vowed to vote against repealing DADT  He is an example of cynical and outdated views that even his daughter Meaghan does not share.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has been a law on the books for 17 years which was introduced by former President Bill Clinton and basically it tells soldiers to stay in the closet. The bill was ill-conceived and a sell out to the gay rights movement where soldiers are discharged freely for being gay.  In 2010 it is a loss to the military to lose any soldiers for their sexuality and is a basis for continued prejudices that gays who wish to serve must bear.

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