Komen Gives 7.5 Million to Penn State-Under Investigation

Komen Gives 7.5 Million to Penn State-Under Investigation

Just reported by Mother Jones that the Susan G. Komen charity  that stopped their grants of $600,000 to the Planned Parenthood organization, also broke their own laws.

Komen has donated 7.5 Million Dollars to Penn State also under investigation for child sex rapes on campus.

“Like Planned Parenthood, Penn State is currently the subject of a federal government investigation, and like the Planned Parenthood grant, the Penn State grant appears to violate a new internal rule at Komen that bans grants to organizations that are under investigation by federal, state, or local governments. But so far, only the Planned Parenthood grants appear to have been cancelled.”Mother Jones

The Komen Memo apparently only applies to Planned Parenthood for this clause:

” if “an applicant or its affiliates” is under investigation “for financial or administrative improprieties by local, state or federal authorities,” then “the applicant will be ineligible to receive a grant.”

Therefore, Penn State should be returning all of the 7.5 million dollars they received wrongly by the Susan G. Komen, after all it is only ethical.

The fact that Susan G. Komen is distancing itself from Planned Parenthood which actually provides the breast cancer screening, the tests, the mamo’s, and prevention of cancer surely blows this t-shirt away.

The Twitter Universe is a blaze with calls for their boycott and for their hypocrisy in stopping funding for Planned Parenthood for the reason they gave of the so called investigation.

The there is this, the Susan G. Komen Gun

Now, if you were in the business of raising money for the cancer business, trying to save lives, would you authorize a license for a Pink Gun?

Anything goes when it comes to money right? But a gun you can buy online that is supposed to promote health for women with breast cancer?

The gun is a Walther P-22 “HOPE EDITION” supposedly to signify you hope you don’t get shot with it.

“The P-22 Hope Edition has an exclusive DuraCoat Pink slide in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Utilizing the same reliable controls and firing mechanism that has made the Walther P-22 America’s top selling handgun, the Hope Edition will be a limited production pistol offered exclusively through Discount Gun Sales.” We won’t put a link to this place as to not give them any business or recognition.

Isn’t this gun more a symbol of the National Rifle Association than a cancer charity?

We can do a post-mortem of the brand that once was Susan G. Komen but others have done it for us. This charity is dead on arrival for its misuse of funds, its misguided principals, and its mis-informing women with breast cancer that they are actually being helped.

More over, SGK (Susan G. Komen) is more interested in promoting chemotherapy, radiation and drugs that cause more cancers such as Tomoxifin.

More at Mother Jones

Natural News: Where did all the Money Go? Susan G. Komen Charity 

According to Charity Navigator.org, former CEO of Komen for the Cure Hala G. Moddelmog was salaried at approximately $500,000 annually plus bonus. But Komen’s founder, Susan G. Komen’s surviving sister Nancy G. Brinker, has recently taken over the CEO position and no figures could be found for her.

Then there is the Pink Cup Cakes filled with sugar, fat, butter and ingredients that promote breast and other cancers.
A great way to promote education and cancer prevention to the masses of women contracting cancer today.
Quote: “But since the Planned Parenthood decision was made public, more than 170 people have jumped online to give the Foundation a low rating and a negative review. As thing stands right now, you need to click through to the tenth page of reviews until you find one that isn’t a 1-star slam on the non-profit, and even that one is only a 2-star review. In fact, you need to go back to June 2011 before you find a 5-star review.”
Here are some comments on GuideStar:

“This is an organization (Susan B Komen)  that used to be proud of the lives saved by the cancer screenings they funded at Planned Parenthood. The only conclusion I can draw from their sudden defunding is that more women need to suffer and die. I don’t support that and neither should anyone else.”

“I am so ashamed of what SGK has done. I have volunteered at races, I have donated money many times. I had no idea that they were political. I was beginning to be annoyed by their constant requests for money (several times a year), but this goes beyond the pale. I’m done. I will direct those dollars to Planned Parenthood, an organization that I KNOW cares about women.”