Koch Brothers Exposed Review

Koch Brothers Exposed Review

A new film that is drawing the ire of two billionaire brothers who are attempting to stop voters from voting in November is about to be released.

Koch Brothers Exposed is a film by Robert Greenwald a film maker and Brave New Foundation present this film which is a deeper look at the two billionaire brothers and their activities in:

Voter Supression, Funding Fracking Gas that causes earthquakes, big investments in Keystone XL Pipeline, dismantling Unions in Wisconsin and funding ALEC the conservative organization that is promoting gun violence laws with Stand Your Ground in Florida and many other states.

The Koch Brothers are behind ALEC, CATO Institute Mercatus Center, Heritage Foundation and Reason Foundation giving them all 28 million dollars or more to corrupt the democratic process and to buy power, influence in Congress.

The Koch Brothers are involved in dismantling the education system of America, have ties to the Supreme Court judges such as Clarence Thomas, Judge Scalia and Alito. The Koch Brothers have invited these activist judges to conservative private party’s and paid their expenses. The influence peddling of the Koch Brothers is accomplished by out and out bribery of politicians in Congress, funding PAC’s for GOP candidates, and donating to the campaigns of their pawns. 

Politicians who have received money from the Koch Brothers have dirty hands in a corrupted system of bribery.


 The Movie Trailer – Koch Brothers Exposed

Reviews of Koch Brothers Exposed:

“Every person in this country who cares about democracy
should care about this work.” – Ed Schultz

 “Corrupt corporate forces are trying to buy our democracy ..Koch Brothers Exposed helps shed a light on how”  – Senator Russ Feingold. 

“No Hollywood plot could Match Koch Brothers Exposed” – Gloria Steinem 

 “The Koch Brothers support laws that are the most aggressive attempt to roll back voting rights in this country that weve seen in over a century” – Benjamin Todd Jealous -President and Chief Executive Officer, NAACP 

“You buy yourself a congress that has single handedly tried to enviscerate environmental regulations across the board” – Gerald E. Connolly, US House of Representatives for Virginia

“Robert Greenwald’s Koch Brothers Exposed is an illuminating and very timely film- and it rocks” Tom Morello, Rage Against the Machine  

” Koch Brothers Exposed investigates, exposes and connects the dots about what happens when Billionaire try to buy up democracy” – Van Jones


Curated News:

Brave New Foundation Creating media that Makes an Impact

Quote from Brave New Foundation:

“Two years ago billionaire David Koch threw himself a ‘Wizard of Oz’ themed birthday bash. This year for his upcoming birthday we are releasing our new documentary, Koch Brothers Exposed, which shows what a Tin Man he really is. This full-length investigation is the perfect birthday gift for a man who can buy everything….and everyone.

Donate now for a copy of Koch Brothers Exposed. Let this billionaire know there are tens of thousands of you out there learning about his antics. Although no one can click their heels to undo the damage he has done, we will provide you with an Action Guide so that you can make a difference in this battle.” end quote



Comments on YouTube

“The Koch brothers take elaborate security precautions wherever they go. I guess if you weren’t trying to steal the election process in America you wouldn’t need security! Funny how money and power brings out the WORST in people. These guys need investigated by the Feds for everything they touch!”

“If you believe in democracy and freedom, then you have to oppose those such as the Koch Brothers who seek to use their enormous wealth to subvert the political system to their own selfish ends.The Koch’s are two nasty,spoilt little shits who have no conception of what it is like to work your ass off for low pay.Not only do the Koch’s seek to further enrich themselves but they wish to break trade unions ,destroy communities and pollute without any restraint or consequence.”

Curated News

Bloomberg- Koch Brothers Flout Law Getting Richer with Secret Iran Sales

The New Yorker- Covert Operations- The Billionaire Brothers Who are Waging War Against Obama

April 6, 2012

Ed Shultz Interviews Robert Greenwald on the Koch Brothers Exposed

David Koch is a cancer survivor and his companies pollute the air, water and lands of America giving Americans more cancer, killing children and they are dying from cancer. The Koch Brothers are very upset about this documentary and are attempting to suppress the movie by intimidation behind the scenes on social media.

Brave New Foundation by Jesse Lava: 

“The Koch brothers have a chemical plant in Crossett, Arkansas, that releases large amounts of formaldehyde, which is known to contribute to cancer. The plant also emits hydrogen sulfide, which can be deadly. In the film, residents of that town talk powerfully about how many people in their community are dying of cancer, and they link it to the nearby Koch plant. Respected scientists agree: Anthony Samsel, a former consultant to groups including the Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers, says that in his opinion, “these chemicals cause great harm to Crossett’s residents” and represent a “disregard for public safety.”

Koch Foundation Investments in Keystone Pipeline- Alberta Tar Sands 

In the hearings on Keystone in Congress, Representative Henry Waxman requested the Koch Brothers appear as stakeholders in the Keystone Pipeline and he is quickly shut down by Rep. Ed Whitfield who denies the Koch Brothers are involved in Keystone.

The denials that the Koch Brothers are major investors in Keystone are also not true and Congress is protecting the Koch Brothers. Rep. Ed. Whitfield received $ 30,000 from the Koch Brothers, for siding with the votes on Keystone.

Our Review:

Politicol News: “Mindboggling how deep the corruption goes in Congress, people need to see this documentary, and take action against those who would sell out our democracy. This is a must see movie and should be shown in every school in America”.
P. Neisman, Editor, PolticiolNews.com