Koch Bros and Fracking Gas

Koch Bros and Fracking Gas

The Fracking industry has spent 750 million dollars to lobby Congressional politicians, against regulating natural gas fracking associated with earthquakes.
The Koch Brothers long time opponents of the Environmental Protection Agency are fighting tooth and nail to stop the government from regulating natural gas hydraulic fracking for natural gas. The energy billionaires have hired an army of lobbyists, have bought up politicians through bribery and have cornered free reign on fracking gas in the North Eastern states.

Koch Bros and Fracking Gas
Koch Bros and Fracking Gas

Koch Bros and Fracking Gas

Ohio Governor John Kasich is allowing fracking in the state of Ohio who’s palm has been greased by the Koch brothers.

In this report Mike Ludwig who is a reporter for Truthout, reports the Koch Brothers involvement in pushing natural gas fracking in places, like the state parks in Pennsyvlania, Ohio and other states. The Koch Brothers already tapped into Ohio State parks and through political donations managed to get the Governor to approve fracking natural gas exploration.

The Problems with Fracking

Fracking is a process of drilling into the earth at very deep levels with high pressure tools, sand and chemicals often blasting through hard rocks. This process produces a great amount of waste, escaped gas that ends up in the local drinking water for towns and cities.

Disaster in Dimock Pennsylvania

The city of Dimock, Pennsylvania has already a massive mess on their hands from natural gas fracking with tainted drinking water they cannot remove now.

In Dimock Pennsylvania Vanity Fair reports in their article: A Colossal Fracking Mess

The town of Dimock along the Delaware River in Pennsylvania, used to be a pristine, unspoiled river area until the public and private lands in the watershed was leased to the energy companies.

The drilling began in 2008, now four years ago the people of Dimock are beginning to see the damage from natural gas fracking first hand.

Millions of tons of toxic chemicals were used along with the drilling injected water, sand along with the chemicals to release natural gas trapped deep into the earth.

Near Dimock which is a small town of 1,400 people, the gas companies believed they would not get much flack for spoiling the drinking water in this area.

Local residents noticed the water coming in from their kitchen taps turned brown, and was combustable and local animals like horses and pets began to lose their fur. Even after using water filtration systems to their homes, the people that live nearby are still finding methane gas in their bathing and drinking water.

Local residence experienced headaches, dizziness and sores from using their now tainted water and breathing in the air. The local homes had to resort to trucking in water to their homes at a higher expense and their property values are now worthless. Is the financial cost of fracking worth the costs of the damages is a question for the EPA.

Now energy companies are aiming to tap into natural gas in New York State, Pennsyvalnia, Ohio and as many drills they can install in quick time before any EPA legislation comes into effect. The  companies fully expect these drills will be “grandfathered in” and will not have to be regulated or removed.

The technology was developed by Halliburton since 1949, and is associated with the former VP Dick Cheney in conventional oil and gas wells. However, this new technology “Hydraulic Fracking” has not been used previous and is termed “Unconventional drilling or Fracking”.

This new type of fracking has been proved to cause earthquakes because of the pressurized injection of fluids in and around the well. These drills are going in horizontally instead of vertically to capture the gas creating more danger of earthquakes and tremors.

The process also produces toxic gas substances with dangerous chemicals that are burned off into the atmosphere.

The waste water that is also produced is highly toxic and has to be stored in large open air containers and allowed to also seep into the atmosphere. The other toxic chemicals are allowed to stay in the ground, running into ground water and any body of water nearby.

A huge number of trucks need to be trucking the gas and waste for hundreds of miles due to the location of these underground natural gas reserves.

This is a point where the technology, untested and unproven has been allowed due to the lack of regulation in this area of energy exploration. The EPA is doing a study which will take well over a year to complete and then regulations may be in place, but until then if a homeowner is located near a fracking drilling operation, they can expect the same results as Dimock Pennsylvania.

Approximately 60 natural gas fracking wells were established near Dimock, with huge environmental impact including trucks turning over and spilling 800 gallons of diesel fuel two years ago. More are expected to be built very soon, while gas companies attempt to build as many as possible before regulations set in to stop this damage.

The by-products of fracking also destroyed fish stocks in a local stream, the wetlands now have toxic waste and local residents have had their own wells blow up.

The gas company have been sued for damages while creeks turn red with the chemical waste of diesel fuel. The natural gas makes its way to the surface, however it brings with it the toxic waste water and even radioactive materials which are highly deadly to humans.

Fracking is a complex series of damaging processes from blasting underground horizontally to the injection of deadly chemicals, to the gas which has to be purified on site, to the power plants and then to the gas companies until finally it is “usable” for consumers. No one knows how much damage to the air quality these pools of toxic waste will produce as more gas wells are drilled and more earthquakes concurrently occur.

The Results of Fracking:

The financial, human health, environmental impact are enormously negative and damaging to people’s property, lives, their local economy and businesses.

An Indepth Report of Fracking by Truth Out