Kentucky Stats – 10,000 People Sign Up for Obamacare

Oct. 11, 2013  Despite the GOP campaign to destroy the public’s view of Obamacare the State of Kentucky, has signed up 10,000 people for Affordable Healthcare plans.

The website for A Healthier Kentucky has both the expansion of Medicaid which helps those who need medicaid insurance and the new Obamacare plans.

steve beshear

The Governor of Kentucky’s website by Governor Steve Beshear has issued statistics on the ongoing sign ups for Obamacare, for Kentuckians who are either signing up for the expanded Medicaid program or the Affordable Healthcare Plans.

By the figures produced by the Governor on his website “A Healthier Kentucky”, 17,000 jobs will be crated and a 15.6 billion dollar bonus to the state from the ACA will impact Kentucky in a favorable way by 2014.

The state is clearly a red state with Sen. Rand Paul the Tea Party favorite and Sen. Mitch McConnell the Senate Minority Leader have clearly advocated against the Affordable Healthcare Act. However, many in that state go without any medical insurance, relying on emergency rooms which makes for higher costs to Kentucky taxpayers. After only 10 days of the government shutdown the Kentucky ACA exchange has managed to sign up approximately 10,000 Kentuckians on their website: and the Kentucky Healthcare Connection.

Kentucky Statistics as of yesterday October 10, 2013:

9,453 Kentucky citizens are signed up for Affordable Healthcare Plans

204,300 visited the website and viewed 4 million webpages

183,217 obtained pre-screening to qualify for discount Medicaid programs

261 small businesses have commenced health insurance for their employees

39,900 calls were made to Kentucky call center: 1-855-4KYNECT the call help line that helps those with questions. ( 1-855-459-6328 )

Insurance will start coverage on January 1, 2014 for those who are still deciding on the Affordable Healthcare Plans.

GOP Scrambling to Fix Ted Cruz’s Campaign To Defund Obamacare:

Now the GOP republicans are scrambling to fix their mistakes, after shutting down the government and threatening to default on the nation’s debt.  Speaker of the House, republican John Boehner let the Tea Party leader Sen. Ted Cruz continue his repeal efforts of Obamacare which is now become a side issue to resolve the re-opening of the US government.

Yesterday, the GOP presented proposals to keep the government shutdown, while requiring the removal of government powers to offset a default on credit. Their plans continue to be a delaying tactic to prevent the President and 2/3rd’s of the government to stop their insanity on destroying the economy.

Financial Markets Disturbed by GOP Government Shutdown

The financial markets are in flux and in one day a deal rumor was issued that a deal was near that rebounded the stock market.  Then the next day the deal is off with the President and The Republican held House of Representatives. Republicans continue to open parts of government they are getting hammered for such as funerals for US soldiers, Project Head Start and the opening of parks or the WW2 Memorial.

However, the GOP have not offered a long-term solution to the government shutdown preferring to keep the government shut and a stand off on the debt limit. It is only through the polls and the ire of Wall Street that has moved them off their untenable position to force the government to remain shutdown.