Justin Bieber Bullied at Laser Tag

Oct. 19, 2010 A report of Justin Bieber the famous teen singer being accused of assaulting a 12 year old boy in Vancouver may have been inaccurately reported. New information reveals Justin could have been the target of a bullying group of teens.

The incident occurred on Friday October 15th in Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver Canada where Bieber was playing a game of laser tag at Planet Laser Entertainment Center.

The RCMP police of Canada claimed that Justin himself could have been the victim of bullying by a swarm of other teens when he was cornered by one 12 year old boy who continuously shot lasers at Justin Bieber.

Justin was said to have been “cornered” by the 12 year old and although not confirmed the “slurs” aimed at Justin by these boy were anti-gay slurs.

The reports indicate there were 35 people at the game and the boy who left the game had no visible bruises or marks of injury on his face. The boy apparently reported Justin hit him but this is not backed by evidence.

TMZ reports that “one kid went out of his way to target Bieber repeatedly which violates the code of honor of laser tag”. TMZ

The incident stopped when Bieber becoming upset when the kid continuously shot at him and Bieber said “that’s enough”.  The kid responded “what are you gonna do about it, faggot”.

The kid repeated “your a faggot”. and that is when Bieber pushed his way past the kid as he tried to leave the area.  There are no eye witnesses that state Bieber struck the boy.

The RCMP corporal Annie Linteau confirmed the investigation is on going but would not comment on whether Bieber is involved.  It appears Bieber was trying to make his way out of this kid and may have grazed the boy but no proof of physical intent to harm was evident. The identity of the boy is protected since he is a minor although the boy’s father filed a complaint hours later telling people ” I am a lawyer” at the scene.

It sounds like this was an intentional way to gain publicity and perhaps a settlement from the famous pop star.

As a result of the incident Justin Bieber is planning on joining an anti-bullying campaign and will appear at the MTV Europe Music Awards on November 7, 2010 with Eva Longoria. Justin can be influential with his 5.6 million fans on Twitter, 8 million fans on Facebook and his influence on his young fans can be a powerful voice against bullying.

Justin Bieber Target of Bullying Scheme in Canada

Bieber joins Lady Gaga as a target for the Westboro Church the radical church that pickets US soldier funerals and a Supreme Court case on the rights and privacy of a family against picketing from the Westboro Church.  The group have picketed Lady Gaga’s concerts, and Justin Bieber’s appearances.  This group also picketed Michael Jacksons’ funeral and is designated as a hate group by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Center.  It is clear there are alternative motives here with a bullying 12 year old kid trying to attach himself to a famous star, and a father who boasts he is a lawyer at a public place. The social site Twitter has had some accounts that are anti-Justin Bieber and these should be reviewed by Twitter, since some of the comments are similar to this kid’s attempt at discrediting Justin.  Many of the comments on Twitter or Facebook should be monitored because they are slurs against blacks, gays, latino, and anything under the sun.  Although Twitter is very popular with young teens some accounts set up for the purpose of harassing stars and are common on Twitter.

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