Journalist Daniel Schorr Dies at 93

July 23, 2010 Daniel Shorr who was in broadcasting, radio and television died at the age of 93 in a Washington hospital.   Schorr was a regular commentator on NPR and his last taping was July 10, 2010 on the Weekend Edition.

The passionate journalist was a prominent announcer who believed in the freedom of speech and often was critical of mainstream media forcing his resignation in the seventies from the CBS network. 

Daniel Schorr was not timid about covering the Nixon years and was on the late President’s enemy list.   The career of Daniel Schorr began when he was twelve years old and phoned in a story to a local newspaper about a woman who fell near his home in the Bronx.  The young lad was paid five dollars for the news item and here is where his passion had sparked an interest in his news career.

Daniel Schorr Dies
Daniel Schorr -Journalist

In an age where “got you journalism” makes headlines out of suppositions, rumors, theories and badly spliced videos, Daniel Schorr was one of the last examples of ethics in journalism. 

The episodes of Shirley Sharrod clearly show the garbage that is on main stream media isn’t even checked out for accuracy anymore and even the White House jumped to conclusion as a result of a vile attempt to discredit Sharrod. 

The plan backfired and apologies made however the lesson learned is that the media cannot be trusted to be factually correct.    The technology today of instant news on the internet, iPhone cameras and Twitter brings the world closer and faster news can be viral in minutes around the world.


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