Jon Stewart-Restore Sanity Rally

Sept 17, 2010  Jon Stewart’s Restore Sanity Rally follows the Glen Beck spectacular religious revival held a few weeks ago. On the Daily Show last night Stewart announced the ” Rally to Restore Sanity on October 30, 2010 in Washington.

Duel of the Rallies -Colbert and Stewart Rally for Sanity-Keep the Fear Alive!

The purpose of the rally to restore sanity is for both sides to step it down -stop the rhetoric and shouting because people are sick and tired of the political games.  The Tea Party focus has been the birthers who believe President Obama is not an American and want his birth certificate published.  Then there are the crazies that believe Obama is a socialist and the crazy cajun James Carville a former consultant to Bill Clinton.

The theme of Stewart’s rally  is : Take it Down a Notch -America.  In tune with Stewart’s rally is Stephen Colbert who announced his own rally for all the freedom loving patriots.  Colbert presents a challenge to Stewart to “restore truthiness” and he will counter with  a March to Keep Fear Alive” on the same day making a parody of what happened with Glen Beck’s rally on the same day as Martin Luther King’s I have a Dream speech.

The battle of the rallies is promising to be a bigger event than the Nixon Kennedy Debate or the excitement of the Billy Jean King and Bobby Riggs tennis match.

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