Jon Husted and Chuck Todd MSNBC -Twitter Damage Control

Jon. 27, 2013  After an entire year when the Secretary of State of Ohio attempted to rig the vote in favor of republicans by voter suppression ID laws Jon Husted continues on his goal to rig the 2014 and 2016 Elections.

Even after a federal judge blasted Jon Husted in 17 pages ripping him for a concerted violation of federal and state election laws, Husted continued to dismiss provisional ballots by not counting votes.

District Judge Alegenon Marbley said this:

The surreptitious manner in which the secretary went about implementing this last minute change to the election rules casts serious doubt on his protestations of good faith” end quote.


But it didn’t take long after losing the 2012 Election to Democrat President Barack Obama for Husted to get to work on an other scheme to disenfranchise voters. Ohio voters would expect the very minimal in Husted abiding by General Assembly laws but instead he gave orders to poll workers not to count provisional ballots, most of which went to Obama.

Yesterday, January 26, 2012 – Jon Husted tweeted that he had a private (unknown who attended) luncheon with NBC reporter Chuck Todd and said this:


Note He said: “Reform needs to happen and Chuck Todd agreed with that” in the terminology Husted said Chuck Todd agreed that the entire state and the entire country needs “redistricting reform”.

Presumably because republicans lost the election and the Ohio Secretary of State (and they) aim to fix that problem.

But Ohio voters know better, that given the opportunity Jon Husted once again will rig the vote in Ohio.
On the basis of his reputation in 2012 Husted’s so called innocent statement at a luncheon with a top level MSNBC reporter has deeper consequences.


Redistrict Ballot Was Defeated in Ohio Election 2012 On November 6th, 2012

But what Jon Husted and Chuck Todd should know is that the Ohio Redistricting Amendment called: Issue 2 was defeated by Ohio voters by a very wide margin.

Voters against Redistricting:    63.0 percent
Voters for Redistricting            36.8 percent


So here we have Secretary of State Jon Husted an elected official and an MSNBC reporter Chuck Todd meeting to discuss what the voters of Ohio said no to just two months ago!! The vote was 2/3 rd’s NO for Ohio ReDistricting and NO it shall be unless Husted is working hard to overturn the will of the people again.


The Plan by GOP To Redistrict Ohio Fell Flat -Voters Refused It


The redistricting plan would have allowed removing the “authority” of elected representatives and allowing appointed officials” to make redistricting decisions. Out of the hands of voters. The plan would also have given a break down of these officials to include: a 12 member group consisting of: 4 Member affiliates of the largest political party, 4 members of the second largest party and 4 members of so called non-affiliated officials. (To be determined by whom?). The entire redistricting plan removes any accountability to voters and gives the power to an unelected body of men who were never elected to serve, they are appointments by the state and further increases the bureaucracy of voting.

The Redistricting plan would amend current districts by an affirming vote by: 7 to 12 members and that could include 4 republicans plus 4 so called “non-affiliated officials” to easily maneuver redistricting the vote.

At that time Jon Husted approved of the Redistricting Plan Issue 2 with his comments:

1) “The current system allows politicians to play by their own rules. Every 10 years they get together in backrooms -out of the public’s eye and draw district lines to help ensure that their own political party holds on to power”

Note: (Isn’t that what Jon Husted were doing with Chuck Todd in their secret lunch meeting?).

2) “Ohio needs this reform, so neither party can rig the system to their own advantage.”  

Note: Isn’t that what he was doing in October, 2012, rigging the system to disenfranchise black voters who are in greater numbers than whites?)

Now, you can see yesterday’s lunch with Chuck Todd was not just an innocent tete a tete, and was for a purpose of continuing the attacks on democracy, voters rights and republicans who are ignoring the will of the people who voted down redistricting completely.  

By the Way Chuck: The redistricting of Ohio was opposed by The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, The Ohio Manufacturers Association, The Ohio Judicial Conference, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and by 63.2 Percent of Ohio Voters who don’t give a damn what you think.  


Recommendations For Fair Elections :

1). If federal laws on Elections are truly going to be fair, and free from corruptive state policies the Federal Election Commission must take greater control of the Vote. The Federal election should not be subjected to voter suppression and the illegal denial of the Right to Vote.

2). A broken and hackable electronic voting system is not only open to fraud electronically, but must be established to hook up to federal computers, not the private sector. A national system of electronic voting can be a sound investment to ensure voter fraud will not occur in future elections.