Japan Nuclear Rabbit-Born with No Ears

June 10, 2011  Japan Nuclear Rabbit-Born with No Ears

Four months after the March 11, 2011 Japanese earthquake that registered 8.9 the highest yet, which helped to destroy the Tokyo Nuclear Plants on the east coast and radiation is still emitted into the atmosphere.

Rabbit Born with No Ears In Japan-Nuclear Radiation Mutations
Rabbit Born with No Ears In Japan-Nuclear Radiation Mutations


The Nuclear Rabbit- A rabbit born after the nuclear explosion was born with no ears and sending fear throughout the world of the mutations and deformities to come.  The world has been exposed to very high amounts from five nuclear reactors in Sendai off of Japan’s east coast, and still to this day they are contaminating all of Japan’s farms, cities and lands with radioactive material-very dangerous and toxic to humans and animals.

This rabbit may just be the tip of the iceberg and ear-less rabbits are not a natural occurrence.

The Japanese government, which is the biggest shareholder of TEPCO -the Tokyo Electric Power Company that insists on repairing and salvaging these broken down 40 year old reactors to -save money.

It is unknown how TEPCO plans to use broken and damaged reactors but they risk damaging the world’s environment to save money and in their greed and stupidity- they could blow us all up.

Japan’s government must demand in the strongest way that TEPCO cement these reactors down for the next 50 years as did the Russians with Chernobyl nuclear blow up.  The cement will last for about 5 decades before they must be replaced.

Does the world see now, the dangers of nuclear power -it is not cheap and it is highly dangerous especially when you do not study geography very well.  The fact that these nuclear plants were wrongly built on a fault line makes it further a danger to the world and not only Japan.

Whomever is running the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for world wide enforcement is favoring TEPCO an incompetent corporation endangering the world to save some money.

The video was taken just outside the Safe Zone-Near the Fukushima Plants which are still spewing radiation each day.

Japan’s population are in fear this could happen to human babies who will be born deformed and limb-less from the radiation exposure.