Japan Cannot Cool Reactor-Meltdown Desperation

Updated: November 14, 2011 The latest radiation Japan news has nuclear experts wondering why the Czech Republic has abnormal high levels in radiation readings. In nearby countries also the radiation levels are increased when measured by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The cause is unknown at this point, but the Czech state officials for Nuclear Safety are 100 percent sure that the radiation is not coming from any Czech nuclear plant.

While the Czech government is investing heavily in nuclear power, the German government will be phasing out nuclear power by the year 2022. Switzerland has also decided as well as Australia after the Japan explosive dangers initiated by a major earthquake and subsequent Tsunami flooding.

Radioactive material is carried by the winds traveling from Japan and across the ocean to the Canadian and US western coasts, however higher levels of radiation have been recorded on the US east coast as far as Boston, Mass.

The Fukushima nuclear plants that exploded in March of this year are still leaking high levels of radiation, and measurements in the population show Japanese people are being exposed to radiation.

March 12, 2011  Japan Cannot Cool Reactor-Meltdown desperation has set in in Japan as the government is downplaying the news to avoid mass hysteria in Tokyo.

The government’s last statement is that it is attempting to cool down the core with sea water which is a hail Mary pass and could make matter worse.

Japanese authority is stating no harmful material has been released but the levels of cesium and radiation has sent people to the hospital.  The story and news coming from the Japanese government is saying that this plant will forever will be shut down. The plant is 40 years old and the pouring in of sea water is a last resort which is failing to cool down the core.

There are two more nuclear plants that are nearby which are also failing to cool properly and has now spread to two more reactors nearby.

The first reactor is a meltdown and desperation is setting in and the authorities cannot pour sea water in the reactor.

The disaster continues as a catastrophic meltdown is in play and the Japan public relations department has failed to give clear answers to the nuclear disaster.

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