Italians Welcome A Tax on Catholic Church

Italians Welcome A Tax on Catholic Church

In debt burdened Italy the Italians welcome a proposed law to tax the Catholic Church and remove the church’s tax exemptions.

The new Prime Minister Mario Monti has shown that his government will tackle the debt by removing tax exemptions for non-profits including the international headquarters of the Catholic Church.

Italians have seen their pensions cut and new taxes on new homeowners who will start paying a heavier tax and see no problem with taxing Pope Benedict much more than they are contributing to Italy’s tax base. After all isn’t it better to:

Give than receive?

Italians Welcome A Tax on Catholic ChurchArtwork by: A E Branco -Conservative Daily

The new laws would require the Catholic Church to pay its share of taxes on property used for commercial purpose and would increase the coffers of the Italian government to pay off the enormous debt at high interest. In the world global debt crisis no organization should be exempt from paying their share of reducing the debt.  Italians find the new idea of taxing the Church a good start. One Italian lady stated it is in the spirit of Christian belief

Another man said he thought it was 70 years too late and they should have taxed the Catholic Church much sooner and he could not understand why they didn’t do it sooner. Another comment was that the Church owns prime property in the center of Rome that is rented out cheaply to politicians and friends of the Church that can afford much more in rent.  The Church manages nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, private schools and colleges they have operated without taxes.

The Catholic Church Responds to Taxation Proposal:

The Catholic Church spokesperson says they are thinking of starting a national campaign against this “injustice” they call it.

The Church states that many catholic schools are closing due to lack of resources however they are responsible for how they allocated the funding without restrictions.

Recently, the Catholic Church was accused of money laundering in hidden bank accounts and enjoys the pleasures of having “no names” on their accounts in banks.

The old biblical phrase of Jesus Christ comes to mind:

Give to Caesar’s what is Caesar’s and give to God what is God’s”

So far the Catholic Church hasn’t given anything to Caesar.

Although the Catholic Church has great friends in politics, the Prime Minister stands firm in his new laws to tax the Church in separating Church and State.

Catholic Church Facts and Figures:

The Catholic Church has enjoyed loopholes on taxes for many, many decades although it operates commercial businesses and provides no return to the state for the use of those properties.

In a 2010 European Commission investigation it was revealed that the Catholic Church got illegal tax breaks, and actually disrupted competitiveness for other businesses.

The Catholic Church owns 100,000 properties worth 9 Billion Dollars.

The Catholic Church owns commercial  properties such as a fancy four star Hotel in Rome, Ponte Sisto and a French Restaurant Eau Vive from which it receives revenues.

Without hours of the austerity measure release 130,000 Italians signed a petition repealing the Catholic Church’s tax exemption.

The new taxes would add 600 million dollars in taxes for the government to pay off its debt.

The new package will be in the Italian senate and must be passed also through the lower house of it’s parliament.


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A good quote here from Tax the Churches:

The next time Congress is looking for an extra couple billion to finance a war, tell them to look no further than an income tax on religious payroll. Better yet, tell them today, and let them know you intend to VOTE accordingly.

We love our county. And our freedom. Remember freedom?
Tax the Churches.

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