Italian Court Ruling: MMR Vaccine Causes Autism

In an Italian court in Rimini, Italy a judge ruled in favor of a child who was damaged by the MMR Vaccine and developed terrible symptoms after the shot.

This is not news to many, who have been researching the cases of vaccine damage for decades, that the mainstream media does not report on vaccine damage to our children. Every parent is concerned for the health of their children, but many do not know the damage toxins do to children’s organs and brains.

As adamantly as drug companies and the FDA try to support vaccines, they have never conducted an independent study, of a “before and after” case of a vaccinated child. The drug companies will not do such a study since they know the results will be damaging to their profits.

If you take a newborn child, and inject them with a vaccine the mercury travels to their brain within 30 seconds and the damage is done. Impaired mental abilities, poor health, poor concentration and poor learning habits but it is not the fault of the child. These are common today, and a diagnosis of ADHD could have a relation to vaccine damages.

The FDA of course approves all 40 vaccines given to babies from the day they draw their first breath, they are vaccinated like a pin cushion with dangerous toxic chemicals. These vaccines were never tested, they were never proven safe for human life. 

The most dangerous vaccine The MMR- Measles, Mumps Rubella Multiple Shot

The MMR is thought to be the “most dangerous” because it is a multiple shot given all at once at way too early an age. A baby’s immune system is not strong enough withstand the onslaught of the multitude of vaccines assigned by the CDC, FDA as necessary to ensure the herd mentality of vaccinations.

US State Forced Vaccines

For some mothers in some states, they cannot leave the hospital with their newborn unless the baby is shot up with Hep B shots, which is an illness only derived through dirty needles or sexual encounters. These babies are only days old and are being damaged needlessly for illnesses they cannot possibly contract.  

MMR Vaccine Caused Damage Almost Immediately 

In Italy, the child received the vaccine in March of 2004, and by the time the child was returned home, already the symptoms began. Later the child became totally disabled and regressed into Autism. The court determined the child had been “irreversibly damaged by the vaccine” and ordered the Ministry of Health to compensate for a life time of healthcare the child would need.  

Health care Costs Rise – Parents on the Hook for Lifetime Care

A whole generation of children are being damaged worldwide, healthcare costs are soaring and parents end up with the costs of a lifetime of care for their children which costs several million dollars. These vaccines do not improve health they damage children’s natural immune systems that heal and help the body overcome illnesses.

If the Italian government only knew what this is costing taxpayers it would not be vaccinating using the vaccinations recommended by US pharmaceuticals. Today, it is about profits, the bottom line with no testing of safety in vaccines.

A US court came to the same conclusions, in another case where mercury or Thimerosal (which is in every vaccine as a preservative of viruses and ingredients) 

Mercury causes neurological damage to the babies brain, other organs and is then stored in the child’s tissues. It cannot be removed by modern medicine but some alternative doctors can chelate the mercury away over time. But this process does not make the child safe again, nor is it cheap for every mother to have to pay for chelation of numerous heavy toxic metals their children are subjected to in vaccines.

The judgement confirms Dr. Wakefield’s findings in his study of autism children where he found the viruses in the MMR were causing gut or intestinal problems in children who received the vaccine. Dr. Wakefield became a hit target by the BMJ-and a reporter Brian Deer who also was hired to discredit Dr. Wakefield’s findings.  

Now, again besides confirmation by a US team of doctors at Forest University who also duplicated Dr. Wakefield’s findings, he is vindicated once again.  The media has done irreparable harm to Dr. Wakefield’s findings, but they will never be able to confirm the safety of the MMR vaccine. Measles and mumps have never been a “killer disease” and those who are 40 years or older remember that Measles are a harmless childhood disease.

A new study involving monkeys prove that even monkeys are getting Autism from the MMR vaccine.

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