Internet Shut Down-The Writing’s on the Wall

Feb. 5, 2011 When the internet is shut down you read the writing on the wall of a dictatorship like Mubarak’s which has shut down internet, SMS, telephones, cell phones and all lines of communication with the outside world to force protesters to back down. It did not work. The kill switch was used to suppress peaceful demonstration not a threat of war or any other national security excuses -it was to prevent democracy.

Shutting Down Free Speech, Democracy and Protesters?  Egypt & the USA
Shutting Down Free Speech, Democracy and Protesters? Egypt & the USA

The writing is on the wall that governments including the United States have passed laws for what was unthinkable a few years ago, a kill switch that would shut down the internet.

People like Joe Lieberman and Jay Rockefeller last June initiated legislation to allow the President to shut down the internet whenever it was needed.
These were possibly the two worst people to have sponsored the bill or cyber-security and it is an excuse used when the people get too upset at your policies.

This paralyzes not only communications, but stock markets, commerce, sales, and speaks volumes of how far government has gone to cut off the people’s freedoms in the US. It is

Lieberman’s attempts sparked an uproar here and we see that Egypt’s dictator Mubarak used the same tactic and shut down his country like China has done which blocked US internet access. The bill gives the power to the government to control the communication ability of its people just as the Chinese have stopped free speech in China under a communist regime. Democracy is beginning to look a lot like communism in America with the assumption of the government to stop all demonstrations against it or any one who has a website that is critical of it.

These protectionist programs and laws will back fire ultimately they give too much control to a government. It is not what we expect from a democracy which is now resembling more and more a dictatorship in this country.

The nation’s security is not at risk as Lieberman suggests and cyber attacks have occurred for years without the failure of the operation of government. The President already has a kill switch in times of threat of war as long as six months therefore Lieberman’s call for more power was unwarranted and suspicious.

The writing is on the wall that instead of building a sound secure structure of the government’s infrastructure they would rather just pull a switch and shut your freedom to communicate -down.

Liberman and Rockefeller’s overblown fear mongering is far from the truth and would not protect against a cyber attack on the national grid which would be a worse nightmare than an internet attack on government computers.

However energy and power plants are not connected to the internet and therefore such attacks would not have threatened the country.

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