Excessive Insurance Profits for US Health Care

Excessive Health Care Profits

” In the health care reform debate, we often hear about how huge amounts of money that could be going to provide people with treatement is being sucked up by insurance company profits instead. This kind of thing always makes me wonder, since in my experience a competitive market place will usually drive profit margins down pretty low. So I thought it would be illustrative to look up how much money the top private insurance companies make, and then determine their profit margins and profits per enrollee.”

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AIG Executives Living Large on Health Care Insurance Profits
AIG Executives Living Large on Health Care Insurance Profits

Revenue Figures for Insurance companies who profit from health care coverage policies are way  up and living large which is why the executives at AIG can afford to take those junkets. This is all  while most Americans are losing their homes, businesses and are just plain broke to be able to afford health care coverage.

A policy for one individual ranges between $ 4,000.00 and $ 6,000.00 per year – no wonder everyone is broke.

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