Insider Traders -Hedge Funds – Are Dumping Monsanto Stock – NYSE: MON

Aug. 24, 2013 After a worldwide campaign a few months ago, that stretched to dozens of countries against Monsanto, the maker of GMO -Genetically Modified Organisms the news gets worse.

Monsanto is Just Bad News for Investors

A report by Insider Monkey indicates (NYSE:MON) has been one of the more volatile stocks they’ve been tracking and hedge funds won’t invest in the company.

Now, Monsanto’s executives seem to be abandoning ship, selling off large quantities of their stock holdings, by the thousands of shares. It is no surprise after Monsanto has received condemnation, protests and even the burning of their crops in various countries that the company is tanking fast.

The CEO of Monsanto, Hugh Grant just sold off his 40,000 shares at a price of $97.74 a share and other executives have followed suit.  Hedge funds are also dumping the stock as Monsanto fends off claims that it has infected and contaminated the food chain and caused genetic pollution of organic natural crops.

Vinik’s Vinik Asset Management sold off 100.8 million dollars of Monsanto stock, Sean Cullinan’s fund Point State Capital also dropped 55 million dollars worth of Monsanto stock.

The big losers are Blue Ridge Capital that holds 320 million in Monsanto stock and Lone Pine Capital that is holding on to 613 million dollars worth of stock.

Monsanto has dropped a whopping 13% this year alone and the long term trends do not look very appetizing.

GMO Labeling Is Coming To America – No More Deception

When GMO labeling takes effect in more countries and in more US states, consumers will decide the fate of GMO and those food manufacturers who use the ingredients of: corn, wheat, soy, sugar beets and alfalfa made by Monsanto.

Organic food producers are already labeling “No GMO Ingredients” on their products and organic is far more preferred by the US consumer these days.

Whole Foods has already stated it will label every GMO ingredient on the box on every product it sells at the request of its own customers.

After all the bad press Monsanto has been receiving they are still taking farmers to court to bankrupt them and take their land away for patent infringement. This predatory policy means that if a farm next to an organic farmer starts growing GMO corn and the seeds carried by the wind blow into the organic farmer’s land -he’s automatically guilty of patent infringement and sued in court by Monsanto. The whole purpose of this desperate method of operation is to put organic farmers out of business and dominate the food supply.

In one state alone, Oregon Monsanto’s GE wheat has escaped the open field trial areas and infected other wheat farmers after claiming the trials were not being conducted. In the UK protesters located a Monsanto testing field for wheat and oppose any further testing but where kept away by the police.

This caused other countries to halt all imports of US wheat and the USDA is responsible for allowing Monsanto to conduct science experiments without testing and without scientific studies of safety to human life.


Most consumers are avoiding anything called GMO in their food and are requesting they be labeled by the US government including GMO ingredients in all products so they can avoid it. Several states have passed laws requiring the labeling of GMO ingredients for consumers to know what they are buying and feeding to their children.

The most recent reports of Monsanto using Agent Orange in genetically modified seeds didn’t help its public relations spin that the same chemical used to kill the Vietnamese in the Vietnam War is totally safe to eat.

Monsanto Manufactures GMO Seeds for All Crops in US Agriculture
Monsanto the Monster in GMO Foods

Monsanto has spent millions of dollars suing organic farmers around the world, bankrupted India’s cotton farmers, sued a Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser after infected his canola farm with GMO seed.

Read his story here: Canadian Farmer Beats Monsanto in Court and Wins

The Man who Beat Monsanto and Won against GMO Farming
The Man who Beat Monsanto and Won against GMO Farming

In Canada, Monsanto threatens the tender fruit area of B.C’s Okanagan Valley with GMO apples and local farmers and customers rejected it.

The most frightening of all reports is that of a French scientist who conducted tests for the French government which could no longer cover up the dangerous chemicals of Round Up in Monsanto’s corn and other seeds. Read the story here:

Scientists Proof Monsanto Corn Caused Deadly Cancer in Rats

Photo: published Sept. 2012, showing mammoth sized tumors on a rat fed GMO Corn for all of its life. Proof enough that long term consumption of GMO food is deadly.


 Monsanto Forbids Safety Studies on GMO Seed

Up until recently, Monsanto forbid any scientific studies to be conducted in the USA, including the United States Department of Agriculture. No one could study Monsanto seed, because they forbid the tests, claiming their patents and proprietary secrets would be revealed. The USDA went along with their wishes, but independent studies continued to reveal a very shocking truth and a cover up. The USDA even approved Agent Orange for food production.

The rats were fed Monsanto Roundup weedkiller NK603 corn for their entire lives to illustrate a lifetime of GMO consumption and its effects. The researcher Gilles-Eric Seralini discovered the rats grew enormous cancerous tumors, had severe liver and kidney damage and 70% died prematurely.

France has banned GMO products, corn etc., in order to protect their citizens, and a molecular biologist Michael Antoniou, at King’s College ,London indicated that long term studies were required on GMO seed as a result of the French studies.

Antoniou stated: “I feel this data is strong enough to withdraw the marketing approval for this variety of GMO maize temporarily, until this study is followed up and repeated with larger number of animals to get the full statistical power that we want,”

Russia also has stopped importing US beef, pork and chicken due to the high levels of GMO, antibiotics and chemicals in US foods.

Monsanto is wrecking havoc on the US agriculture exports and its costing farmers billions of dollars in world trade.

It’s time for the US government and the administration to wake up and smell the organic coffee and stop promoting Monsanto overseas and on US soil.

Monsanto is killing business and trade.

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Hedge Funds Insider Traders Begin Dumping Monsanto Stocks As The Reality Of GMO Sinks in Across Wall Street