Incidents of Sharia Law

Jan. 21, 2011  Incidents of Sharia Law have been noticed in three countries which are pillars of Western christian culture, the United States, the UK and Canada.  It is difficult to believe that Islamic culture is not always a peaceful non -violent religious sect due to the actions of a few radicals.  However it is in teaching, learning and education that we learn how to get along with each other and how the whole world cannot be changed nor should it.

Religion goes back to the dawn of mankind and all religions are acceptable as long as they do not promote violence, do not harm a person and do not attempt to radically change the religious views of others.  In this manner we can see that religious wars are one of dominance in history and of greed and power.   This article points out the incidents emerging from three major power pillars of the western world.  The pointing out of the incidents of sharia law are not by any means a condemnation of Muslims as a whole -only the radical elements of that religion.

Examples of Incidents of Sharia Law in Canada

In a previous article a woman strangled and killed her daughter in Calgary, Alberta Canada because she was alleged to have been promiscuous. Under Canadian law the woman Aset Magomadova, would have been charged with first degree murder because she had a motive to plan the killing of her own daughter.  Under Sharia Law the woman was legally totally justified and should receive no punishment because it was an honor killing.  The fact that Sharia law includes the ability for a parent to kill their own offspring means murdering your children is perfectly acceptable totally violates Canadian law.

The judge in this case did not apply Canadian law but rather “an allowance for the murder” due to the mother’s religious beliefs which seemed reasonable to him.  The sentence was condemned by many in the legal community for it opens the door for more children being killed under Sharia law in Canada.

In Calgary, Alberta the Muslims are living underground but still practicing Sharia Law which includes having many wives. Canada does not operate under Sharia Law but in 2004 Muslims appealed to the Province of Ontario to have it applied as law which was refused by the government.

The Calgary Herald in Nov. 2010 article reports that in Britain in Islamic schools children are being taught how to perform a decapitation in their indoctrination into Sharia laws. (Update: The Calgary Herald has decided to remove the article we quoted here)

The fact is true that Sharia Schools in Britain are teaching children how to decapitate and cut off an enemies hands and feet.

Here is the link:  Sharia Schools in Britain Teach De-Capitation to Children


Incidents of Sharia Law in the United States

In the Buffalo, New York case a man beheads his wife because she filed for divorce days earlier as she had suffered from abuse from her husband for years. The case is before the court and his defense is that he was the victim of abuse.  If the man is found to have planned the killing it would be considered a first degree or second degree murder charge.  If found to be unintended he would be charged with manslaughter which is the cause of a violent death to another person but was not intentional.

Honor killings under Sharia law which include barbaric and torturous deaths through stoning, crucifixion, rape, torture, beheading and strangulation which are allowed are used to bring honor back to the Muslim family.   It is however, practiced by dishonorable Muslims who use violence which in turn violates US and Canadian constitutional laws.

Incidents of Sharia Law in the UK

One has to look at Britain which has a high Mulsim population and in particular Anjem Choudary a preacher who has turned on western civilization.  According to the Mail Online he said the British live ” like animals in a jungle” with their alcohol, gambling, prostitution and pornography”.  This preacher wishes to bring Britain under Sharia Law and enforce its tenants on British subjects.  He demanded women be forced to wear burkas and could legally be put to death for adultery.  His comments call for radical change to the UK and include:

“People who commit adultery would be stoned to death”
They are not heroes, but cowards engaged in state terrorism”.
“You will integrates into the Sharia one day”.
“Anyone who becomes intoxicated by alcohol would be given
40 lashes in public”.

“Ever woman, Muslim or non-Muslim, would have to wear a burka and cover all but their face and hands”.

Today Choudary has become friends with other notorious Islamic preachers like Omar Bakri Mohammed and Abu Hamza who called for bomb attacks on UK aircraft.  Choudary lives on social assistance from the government and now is protesting against soldiers returning from Iraq.  Choudary has actually called for a “Jihad” to install ” a pure Islamic state with Sharia law in Britain”.   He also handed out pamphlets that read ” racist British public” to the crowd.

More fanatic radicals are immigrating to North America and being indoctrinated into Muslim law of Sharia and these violent groups grow each day disguised as religious groups.

Some islamics are non radical, however they sit in silence allowing those who are radicalized in Sharia to be their voice.  Moderate muslims must be a more serious forceful voice against the sharia faith to expose their own brothers and sisters who propose violence, jihads, sharia killings and to give up these barbaric practices of the Muslim faith.

In the Western culture the laws ingrained in our country, our constitution and our very lives are not Muslim faith laws they are Christian based laws.
Sharia law allows for and calls for inhuman, barbaric murder and specifically it targets women and female children.

Sharia allows Muslim husbands to dictate, dominate and destroy their wives if they do not obey their husbands and allows for parents to kill their own offspring if they disobey sharia laws.  Sharia laws also allow for a brother to beat his sister if she is found to be flirting with a white boy which occurred in Calgary, Alberta Canada.  Sharia sanctions the beatings and discipline of females in whatever circumstance they are assumed to be violating.

Women in this culture have two choices which are stay with their husband and tolerate the abuse which could lead to their own death at the whim of their husband.  The alternative is to attempt escape and flee but when they apply for a divorce they are murdered.

Sharia law is not a human rights system of beliefs, in fact women have no rights at all but are slaves to an ancient belief designed ensure the inequality of gender and is highly dangerous to modern society.   Sharia law is based on a polygamist society bent on keeping men in power and eliminate dissent or rebellion from women and children.

Islamic laws if allowed to flourish as these incidents have proven, will rot the system of justice in North America.  The legal system cannot sit idle and allow the continuation of Sharia laws even in an underground capacity it must be refuted by law enforcement and society.

In the UK, Canada and the United States people make laws not religious beliefs and gender terrorism is against human rights worldwide and Sharia law offends the laws of justice and common decency.

Incidents of Sharia LawSharia Law in the UK

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