Husband and Wife Shot in North Carolina

Husband and Wife Shot in North Carolina

Shootings, aimless violence happened on Saturday March 24th, 2012 in Hoke Country Raeford, North Carolina as reported by WTVD where a black couple were shot dead in front of their children.

John Oliver Hill Charged with Two Counts of First Degree Murder in Raeford, North Carolina

Police have charged John Oliver Hill, 48 years old with the murders of Tommy Brown and his wife while their three boys ran inside after their father was shot.

The gunman then turned his rifle on her and shot the mother Thalia Rebecca Mook twice. Tommy Brown was playing basketball with his sons and was alerted to his neighbor across the street who was shooting a gun off.

Tommy Brown and Thalia Rebecca Mook shot dead in front of their children

Weapons were seized at the Hill’s home after he surrendered to police. John Oliver Hill just walked up to the couple’s home and shot Tommy Brown dead using a .30 .30 hunting rifle.