Hungary Burns All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields

Feb. 22, 2013  More countries are banning genetically modified seed from Monsanto not only because of the health hazard of cancer from pesticide in the seed but also the false claims by Monsanto of bigger yields.

False Advertising of Monsanto on GMO Seed

Other false advertising includes the claim that Monsanto GMO seed needs less pesticide that it also sells called Round Up, another deadly pesticide.

Many independent studies that have been suppressed by media and Monsanto money in Congress, and corrupt relationships with the FDA and US Department of Agriculture, Monsanto has been able to infiltrate 80% of corn, soy, sugar, cotton and alfalfa crops of America. Most of processed foods now contain GMO ingredients if they contain ANY: Soy, sugar or corn as an ingredient.

GMO Labeling is Standard in Russia and China

Over 90% if not 100% of Americans want GMO ingredients labeled which is already the case in China, Russia and Some European countries. Monsanto has been sued by the Indian government and labeled a Bio-Piracy corporation for actually stealing indigenous eggplant varieties to modify them with pesticide in the seeds. By doing this Monsanto believes it will control the world’s food supply thereby having power and control over all countries. 

Hungary Burns 1000 Acres and Bans GMO Corn

The Deputy Secretary and Ministry of Rural Development Lajos Bognar indicated 1,000 acres have been burned to the ground and ploughed under to prevent it from spreading by pollination. The authorities did not find out that Monsanto had invaded their country with GMO seed and again it is an act against a country’s sovereignty to plant a banned substance.

The company that distributed the seed in Baranya County, did not tell farmers it was GMO seed and is now in bankruptcy.

Internationally, Monsanto has been invading countries with GMO seed mostly due to the fact that no one wants their products.

no monsanto

Monsanto only exists as a bio-piracy due to the fact that an ignorant US Patent Office declared they could have a patent on seeds because they added pesticide to the seed kernel. 

One Corporation Controlling the World’s Food Supply  The EU has not been conned into allowing Monsanto grow GMO seed, although there are areas in the UK that are experimenting with GMO Wheat at science laboratories which is supposed to be a secret.

Monsanto has also invaded Canada’s Okanagan Valley Tender Fruit areas and growing GMO apples under the approval of the Canadian Health department. Monsanto destroyed India’s cotton crops and bankrupt thousands of cotton farmers when their crops failed to produce yields as advertised and burnt up in a drought.

This past summer in the USA, Monsanto GMO Corn also burned up in a drought faster than organic corn would have and was totally useless, requiring more pesticides and water than natural corn.

It is time the US Dept of Agriculture fired their Monsanto plant, their ex-lawyer Tom Vilsack and embraced higher technology, smarter growing methods of food that are available today than to believe pesticides in food will be even purchased by the public.

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