HPV Virus Does Not Cause Cancer-Gardasil is a Hoax

HPV Virus Does Not Cause Cancer-Gardasil is a Hoax

If you bought the Gardasil Vaccine you just lost $ 360.00 and your US Government FDA pulled a fast one on you.



Gardasil a Hoax

Rick Perry fell for it, the CDC fell for it, the FDA didn’t prove it, the NIH fell for it, the hoax put out in the media fell for it also. Gardasil cannot cure any cancers,  because there is NO link between the HPV Virus and Cervical or Vaginal cancers. 

This was a theory put out by the pharmaceutical drug companies to sell billions of dollars of a useless fake vaccine paid for with your tax dollars.

In essence, the American taxpayer is Subsidizing Merck, Glaxo Smith Cline, Pfizer and other phony, deadly medicines and vaccines that are funneled onto the market without any testing or validation or proof that they even work.


Editors Comments:  The joke is on CNN. lolol

Pete Neisman,


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