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March 2, 2010  The protest by Americans at Move your Money is working rather well and Americans are moving their money out of the Wall Street Banks.

MOVE YOUR MONEY NOW more information.

The Move Your Money Campaign is alive, well and getting stronger representing a relevant consumer backlash against the major Banks.

How To Move Your Money Now

The same banks that got a big bail out are denying loans to the taxpayers that saved them from their own greed and its payback time. It has become a matter of  us and them, or them and us which is descriptive of the financial system in the United States tdoay.

The relationships between you the  People – and them which is the Banks is worse than ever with the Banks holding the bag of money and the upper hand.

An ingenious way to get back at those too big to fail Banks is to take your money out of their banks and support your local community banks.  The Them becomes US and if all Americans pull together this solves the reoccurance of a possible collapse again.

Since the 2008 Bailouts the Banks have not been regulated as Obama promised and continue on with newer schemes to defraud the public and continuing with fake investment instruments.

Consumers had become distressed over their lack of power over these unregulated Wall Street Banks and have lost billions of dollars of assets in the collapse of 2008 will surely not want to go there again.  Assets were destroyed, bank accounts wiped out, investments gone was the rule of the day back then but here we are 2 years later facing the same threats.

The Financial Terrorism and greet exhibited by Wall Street today continues on and therefore consumers are fighting back and putting their money into credit unions.

The only financial safety net for consumers is to do the following:

1) Take your money out of the big Banks of Wall Street- Money is Power and it is your money.

2) Put your money into co-ops, Credit Unions, Smaller Community Banks after checking them out.

3) Put your savings, loans, investments into the independent bankers that have a good credit rating- get to know your Bank Manager.

4) Go to : MOVE YOUR MONEY -which tells you what this is all about and get started now-do it today.

5) This is a volunteering program where the People have the Power -not the banks, there is no organization.

6) Get a list of your local banks by using the Search feature for your state and find the organizations you trust with your money.

7) Also check out : The Youngest Banks in America These are new banks that have cash to lend but also be aware that they are new banks. Find out who is backing their loans, where do they get their funding from and what happens in loan defaults. Do your homework and not take things for granted.

Get to know the Bank Manager at your Bank, get to know their reputation, get references, speak to your neighbors and friends and find out before you switch banks but be also aware that “Wall Street is still Unregulated” and poses a threat to your financial well being.  Do not trust the Big Banks to have learned a lesson, they just took your money to cover up their mistakes and greed.  It is time to fight back.

Get your money out of the Big Banks, they could go belly up again any day – any time.  Without new regulations you stand to lose your money.

7) Just put in your Zip Code and get the Rating of the bank your wish to deal with,  for example here is a search for Buffalo, New YorkThe  Returned Listing is the First Niagara Bank, located in Niagara Falls New York. This bank has a rating of B or better with the IRA.

The bank rating is important and you can see the ratings for your community banks to determine which ones have a good reputation that is long standing and trustworthy not con artists like on Wall Street.  Remember Money is Power and its is YOUR money after all.

Do not let another bank failure leave you broke -take your money out and put it in a community safe bank, its for your own protection.

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Update: Without Financial Reform Wall Street can bring the economy down again even in April, 2010 we do not have financial reform and the Republicans want to stop any reform. Show your own defiance to a lack of regulating your money. Watch This Video and decide where your money is going to be safe.


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  1. It seems that all move your money type campaigns are not created equal. Take The Robin Hood Tax for example. Taxing any business usually just transfers cost to consumers. Not to mention the inefficiency that occurs when it comes time to appoint tax revenue.

  2. Credit unions are all about the community and giving back to their member owners. They are owned by the people and for the people… not just an elite few shareholders.

    There is a great video contest in the voting stages right now to complement the Move Your Money campaign and show the power of credit unions and people helping people.

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