How much money did the Democrat led Congress authorize during the last two years?

Since this Congress loves taking our money; was just curious how many trillion dollars they are going to collect from the American people over the next 50 years? We know that after their late night gathering its in the trillions once again.

How many on here are applauding their decision? How much are you willing to give freely: 10%, 30%, 50% or even 70% of your hard earned wages?


7 thoughts on “How much money did the Democrat led Congress authorize during the last two years?”

  1. It’s a plan drawn up by the Bush administration that has bipartisan support in congress, yet in your mind it’s all the democrats fault. Is that what they call the new math?


    The money authorized by a SPLIT congress was authorized to fund the Bush budget. Bush started an unnecessary war in Iraq, not the Congress. Bush encouraged the GSE’s to lend money to folks who could not afford it, not the Congress. McCain/Gramm deregulated the financial sector, not the Congress.

    Sorry, but your borrow and spend Republicans have almost bankrupt the country, just like the 1980’s. Voodoo economics didn’t work then and, surprise, it didn’t work in the 2000’s.

    Bush spent the money, not Congress.

  3. They have spent more money than any other congress in history. To the first poster, I am sorry that is incorrect, they have a majority in the Senate and in the House, thus they can and have passed anything they wished.

  4. Democrat led? That’s stretching it a bit… The Senate is tied and the Dems have only a bare majority in the House. Not large enough to push through any legislation or to overturn a veto.


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