How Ben Roethlisberger Beat 3rd Rape Charge

Feb. 16, 2011  How Ben Roethlisberger beat rape charges has more to do with his fame, fortune and celebrity which influenced an unethical justice system in Georgia to drop the charges.

More revelations of the investigation that the NFL star beat his third rape charges are still in the news and unresolved because the prosecutor protected the football star from the long arm of the law.


The investigation of the third rape charge by Roethlisberger took place in Milledgeville, Georgia on or around April 15, 2010 and hit the headlines with photo’s of a very drunk player strung out on alcohol. The women involved were college students caught up in his celebrity status and drinking shots on his order.

An investigation supposedly took place but the prosecutor or district attorney said he did not have enough evidence to charge Roethlisberger with rape even though police officers were sent to the scene to investigate.  This is one of those officers in the picture below who appeared in a fan type photo with the football star.  You can see that the officer was more concerned with an autograph and a photo with the big star of the NFL.  The evidence was the word of several women that claimed they had been raped by him and the question remains were they too wrapped up in his stardom to do an ethical investigation.  Even if the rape victim was paid off enough to not testify in court that does not mean a crime was not committed but rather justice was bought off.



Ben Roethlisberger Posing with Investigating Police Officer
Ben Roethlisberger Posing with Investigating Police Officer

In the photo below Ben Roethlisberger posed with withe policeman Jerry Blash from the police department sent to investigate the rape charge.

Whether this police officer and the prosecutor in the case was influenced by either money, fame or Roethlisberger’s hero image of his NFL football persona is a good question that needs further investigation.   See police report


Police Posing with Accused Ben Roethlisberger during Investigation
Police Posing with Accused Ben Roethlisberger during Investigation



This was the third time the rowdy football player was accused of rape and the ugly details were hushed up in the media very quickly.  By the photos taken of Rothlisberger at the time he appears totally inebriated and slobbering over the girls he is hanging on to, drunk out of his mind.  Not the sort of picture the NFL likes displayed on their multi-million dollar contracts that fans pay good money to see in action.


The Steelers quarterback plied the women in the Capital City bar in the VIP lounge with rounds of shots and said ” all my bitches take some shots”.  In that particular bar there was a section roped off for Rothlisberger and 10-15 girls some were underage or approximately 17 to 19 years of age.


A usual ploy by rapists is to get their victims really drunk and therefore incapable of remembering, or fighting off forceful attacks by the rapist.

In various accounts of that night witness statements were completely ignored by the police including one statement that indicated once the women were very drunk was dragged to the back of the bar by his body guards, and Roethlisberger followed several minutes later. This was a common practice and a repeat story of his body guards taking the victim into a darker place for him and then he appears with his pants down and exposing his penis.


All photos taken with cell phones by the customers that night were destroyed and deleted.

The police could have easily retrieved the photos in the phone software, however they did not seem to bother completing the investigation.  See Deadspin


Ben Poses with Rape Victims before Assault fueled by Alcohol
Ben Poses with Rape Victims before Assault fueled by Alcohol

According to witnesses hand written statements, Roethlisberger followed a woman into the ladies washroom with his pants down and shut the door behind him.


Other women reported the football player to the police and to the club owner that the woman was too drunk to be in the bar, meaning she was incapacitated by alcohol but the bar owner did nothing to stop Roethlisberger.

The bar owner of Capital City assured the woman that “Ben is an NFL quarterback, he would not do anything to ruin his reputation”.

When the woman came back out to her friends she said she was raped by Roethlisberger.  The owner of the bar at Capital City did nothing to protect his female patrons from a physical attack which was his legal responsibility.


College Students and Ben Roethlisberger Before Rape in Capital City
College Students and Ben Roethlisberger Before Rape in Capital City

Taking Advantage of your young college student fans, plying them with a lot of liquor and then raping them is the way rapists operate and in this case using fame, fortune and the NFL name.

The police investigation seems to have been influenced by the magnitude of celebrity, fame and media coverage pounced on the story.  The police officer Bash was no longer working for the police department after the news came out.

It is noted that Roethlisberger had unprotected sex in all his rape charges, which would make it a crime in Sweden. (See Wikileaks rape charges).

More photos showed Roethlisberger with the police officer and various people in the bar made it appear like a fun time rather than a police or rape investigation and it all seemed like they were buddies enjoying drinks in a bar.

By influence, by pay offs or by ignoring the evidence the prosecutor in this case has allowed a rapist to go free. A lawyer for the raped woman requested the probe to be dropped and could have been  paid off by the NFL, Roethlisberger or his lawyers.


The defence lawyers could also have shamed the woman into not pressing charges by the age old excuses such as ” she asked for it”  ” she consented to sex” or the favorite Kennedy line ” no one will believe you- I am a Kennedy”.


As in the case of Tiger Woods who’s payoffs offered him some protection from the barrage of media coverage of his many mistresses, Roethlisberger’s attorney’s could have orchestrated a payoff behind the scenes.

This does not however absolve the judicial system in Georgia from their part in the cover up of this story which will continue to haunt the famed NFL player no matter how much time passes.

Similar to Michael Vick another NFL player who likes to kill dogs, the reputation of these psychologically damaged men are tarnished no matter how deeply they are covered by the NFL or by high priced lawyers.

The NFL has had incidents with Roethlisberger in the past and in this case suspended the player for only six games is their idea of punishment.  Roethlisberger went on to play in the 2011 Superbowl for the Steelers and they lost the game.

There will be more stories in these famous sports figures lives and hopefully in the future they will be held accountable for their crimes.  Michael Vick went to jail, Tiger Woods lost his Number One position in the world’s best golfer role and Ben Roethlisberger’s team lost the Superbowl.

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