Homophobic Rants

Homophobic Rants

Homophobia ttill the order of the day for scattered christian US religious groups who actually want gays to be put to death.

Reading the bible with its different versions and with the many forms religion takes in society, there is no real bible only version that denounces homosexuality. These interpretations are derived from ancient origins and have no validity in references to the different versions of the bible.

Here we have an interview with Larry Adams that proves our point.

The spreading of hate from religious persons or groups gives religion a bad name and the hate filled sign this man is carrying shows his ignorance of the bible and that of religion. If Larry did believe in the bible Jesus said to love all men, love thy enemies and it is a message of acceptance not hate.

There are many examples in the bibles written and differing versions to accept the role of women, however today the Catholic Church describes making a woman a priest one of the gravest sins next to children being sexually abused.

The question becomes “where is the fairness in the application of the Bible in today’s society?’ Where is the forgiveness and acceptance that we so cherish and why is it not applicable to all segments of society?  Then religion becomes a selective application of church laws and is only good for some but does not include all.

Psychologists have a proven theory that the more a man hates gay men, the more he is conflicted with his own sexuality. The lashing out is a regressive hatred of himself because he cannot admit he is gay and is not conscious of his gay yearnings. This is the self-loathing that most men have inside for not being able to come out of the closet. Larry does admit he was confused for 4o years and this is typical of those men who carry anti-gay signs.

The bible says nothing about hating gays and the rhetorical quotes are subject to opinion rather than facts. Larry Adams exemplifies the distorted belief against gays and gay marriage who are drowned in religious draconian beliefs. The reporter did a great interview regarding marrying a black woman and god is against different sex -not different colored people.

The Larry Adams interview proves one ideology of hating gays is alive and well in America and that hate continues to permeate some people’s belief system.   Also that society has not progressed enough to leave the ancient hypothetical and hatred behind enough to accept minorities and people that are well- just different.

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