Hayward Evades Congress

June 17, 2010 Tony Hayward evaded congress in hearing questions all day today as he had been primed by BP lawyers not to accept blame, not to give any details, not to acknowledge he had reports of warnings days before the explosion April 20, 2010. As an engineer Tony Hayward could have answered all technical aspects of the drilling that day and would have given the name of the person “who gave the okay to press on with drilling” which caused the explosion.

As a CEO Tony Hayward is better at evading the truth than running an oil company.

Tony Hayward- A Little Spill in a Big Ocean- Evades Questions on the Hill

The drilling mud was replaced by sea water, the extension of the drill was also noted as a problem and other big oil competitors to BP Oil (BP) namely : Shell (RDS.A), Exxon (XOM), Mobil, Conoco-Phillips (COP.N) testified two days ago that they would not have proceeded with the way BP constructed the well and bore that fateful day in April.

Even with the 20 billion dollar escrow fund set up yesterday in an agreement with President Obama BP Oil’s stock prices did not dive as expected although their price is lower, today BP Stock closed at $ 31.71 a share.  Actually Shell Oil shares closed at $ 54.76 a share.  This indicates that going forward if BP oil does not clean up its act, clean the Gulf, stop the leak and pay back all the claims of damage, it is likely that drilling leases will not be issued to BP oil in the future.

The facts are no one trusts BP to drill safely and they are less trustworthy today as a result of lying, hiding facts, stopping the public from knowing how much oil was leaking into the Gulf in the first few weeks of the spill.  The history of BP’s reckless spills, explosions and how they treat their own employees are leaving deep unforgivable scars on their business horizon.

BP Bad Corporate Policies

The problem is even if BP oil is not allowed to drill in the Gulf of Mexico again, they will probably get leases from some third world country and continue to damage the oceans again and again.  This is why the criminal aspects of their business policies must be thoroughly investigated as this smells more of a BP corporate culture of willful neglect at any cost -profits come before safety.

The members of Congress noted Hayward’s refusal to answer questions yes or no and as an expert engineer graduate and an employee that spend 28 years of his life in British Petroleum he should have been aware of all aspects of drilling operations. Tony was coached by BP lawyers for a reason, and that is they will deny any responsibility at any cost- so as not to go to jail. Frankly Holder doesn’t seem to have the moxie to put anyone in jail for corporate crime and he hasn’t with Wall Street.

It is obvious that BP lawyers are preparing for a legal battle in the courts and also it was noted that Tony Hayward stated there are four parties to the blame affixed by the US government, not just BP Oil.  His evasiveness only served to increase anger amongst Americans and it was clear that Hayward was party to cutting corners, although Hayward had no party in any of the decision making on the Deep Water Horizon drill.

Democrats were in the majority in the questioning although one Republican stood up to BP and questioned Tony Hayward relentlessly and as the CEO of the company Hayward’s attempt at contrition fed the fires of frustration of Congressman.

“I’m not stonewalling” Hayward said.  “I have seen no evidence of reckless behavior” speaking of the drill operation on April 20, 2010.

The most laughable comments came from a Republican from Texas who apologized to BP for the 20 billion dollar escrow fund set up by President Obama.  His name is clearly drawn fire from both parties Joe Barton.

Joe Barton from Texas the Oil State- Apologizes Laughably to BP Oil Tony Hayward - A Joke

Barton receives 1.4 million dollars of campaign contributions from oil companies such as BP Oil and  he was protecting his campaign funds not the people of four US states who are without an industry, without the mortgage payments and who are going out of business.


Vanity Fair didn’t think it was very funny nor do the residents of Louisiana but Barton is more concerned with his own campaign contributions than the “little people of Louisiana”. Who cares right?

This guy Joe Barton (Texas)  is on the Energy committee?  A little too cozy with Big Oil perhaps?  Calling the payment of damages to Louisiana a slush fund?  Joe Barton is totally out to lunch or maybe had too many for lunch or was he just sucking up to his big pile of money from Big Oil? Crime and politics Joe Barton is the perfect example of what is wrong with the government kissing up to big oil for campaign money.  Obama is no better, he accepted big bucks from big oil for big campaign contributions also since his days as a Senator.  What ever happened to campaign reform was squashed by the Supreme Court and Obama has not changed that ruling either.

Joe Barton reminds one of the old dinosaur politicians that is from Texas which is oil country who’s shady deals with corporate interests contaminates government and politics more that the oil washing up on four states.  Like the Bush family who have investments in big oil those days are well over now, but these sleazy politicians like the Joe Barton’s still are alive unfortunately, still protecting their own interests rather than protecting American families.

You wonder what Joe Barton would say to the millions of people out of business in the Gulf, and the fisherman who’s livelihoods’ have been taken away with one massive explosion of damage from BP corporation.  Over 60,000 barrels of oil are still continuing to contaminate the Gulf, and all the Joe Barton’s can do is to say he is sorry to the polluters.

Later Joe Barton apologized for his apology to BP and as the ranking member of the energy committee calling the escrow a “slush fund” and “shake down” of BP by the Obama administration.

Eric Holder the Attorney General indicated the civil and criminal investigation are walled off and he did not apologize for the Justice Department and they have dealt with the disaster and that not a penny will come from the US taxpayer to pay for this disaster.  Republicans seem to have a problem with the Attorney General being present to protect the legal interests of the United States which is perfectly normal.  The GOP again making a mountain out of nothing but political theatre.

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