Haiti Desperate for Aid

Haiti Desperate for Aid

Jan. 19, 2010

Desperation, grief, hunger, thirst and burying the dead has led to looting and violence in Haiti. The Haitian government is missing in action and no public officials have been seen except for Haitian police officers who are trying to stop the violence unsuccessfully. The government of Haiti has been silent, and is holed up in a broken down office in downtown Port-au-Price. The crumbling nation has lost all sense of control of its own country.

The politicans are not out helping their people and more desperate Haitians are fending for themselves. It has become a world of chaos and disaster relief cannot arrive quick enough from other world nations who are thwarted at the airport and for adoption of orphan children.

People are stealing food to survive, robbing stores, and hauling away food to sell or eat for their families and Haiti has been reduced to a scavenger society with no laws, no government and no rule of law.

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