Hacking Democracy in 2008- Security Risks in Voting Machines

Hacking Democracy in 2008- Security Risks in Voting Machines

In 2012 Election year the same security risks in voting machines that can be opened with mini-bar keys plagues democracy and the right to vote.

Researchers Hack Voting Machines with 10 dollar part

Some new fabulous ideas are not always the best and back to paper ballots can be safer than remotely hacked voting machines.

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Princeton University Study: 2006 Report on Voting Machines

Salon- Diebold Voting Machines Can Be Hacked by Remote Control

Salon “E-voting machines used by 1/3 of all voters can easily be manipulated by a 10 dollar part.”

Diabold dot com

Hacking Democracy- 2008 -2012 Security Risks in Voting Machines

CBS News- 2012 Election- Disenfranchaised Voters, Hacked Machines?

CBS News: “Will the 2012 election reflect the will of the American people?”

Remote Vote Tampering Attack on a Sequoia AVC Voting Machine

Argonne National Lab’s Vulnerability Assessment Team (VAT) show how
easily a Sequoia AVC Advantage Direct Recording Electronic Machine (DRE)
can flip an election without detection remotely.