Gov Walker Attempts ShutDown of Capital

Mar. 3, 2011  Gov. Walker attempts shut down of Capital and a temporary restraining order has been issued by the Department of Administration to keep the doors open for the people for now.

walker koch brothers working for themselves
walker koch brothers working for themselves


“The Department of Administration today did receive a temporary injunction requiring the department to open the Wisconsin State Capitol to members of the public during business hours and when governmental matters, including hearings, are being conducted. The policies that DOA currently has in place are in compliance with this order. A hearing on the matter is scheduled for 2:15 p.m. today at the Dane County Circuit Court, Branch 3, before Judge Albert.” 

In spite of efforts of the governor to keep the people out of their halls of government and efforts to break bargaining collective agreements illegally the people of Wisconsin including firefighters, police and teachers unions can still access the capital.

Calls to repeal the governor are getting louder on the social networks and petitions are being signed to get rid of Scott Walker for his attempts to break union agreements, his alliances to the Koch Brothers illegal tampering with a more deeper sinister plan to sell off Wisconsin’s power plants at sell off prices to the billionaire brothers Koch.

In a taped conversation Scott Walker practically admits his goals are to break unions and even mentioned hiring “trouble makers” to stop union protesters.  An investigation reveals he did nothing wrong but in the eyes of the world his plan is being mimicked in 15 other states who are republican controlled to break more unionized worker groups.

This remains to be an attack on civil rights, breaks legal agreements with unions and the state of Wisconsin is just the start of what will become a national movement against state governments who attempt to force taxpayers to pay for tax breaks for the rich.

More news  to follow.

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