GOP Jon Husted to Remove Provisional Ballots in Ohio Vote Count

Nov. 5, 2012 In a last minute attempt to rig the Ohio votes, republican Secty of State Jon Husted ordered poll workers not to count Provisional Ballots tomorrow on Election Day.

This attempt is in a long line of voter fraud, voter suppression the republicans have done to rig the vote for Mitt Romney.

Provisional Ballots are issued at the polling station when Ohio voter ID law that indicates the type of identification for the voter is not sufficient. Ohio has attempted to pass many repressive, strict voter ID laws in the past year, aimed at minority voters in certain democrat districts. Ohio’s Secty of State claims there is voter fraud by voters when in actual fact it is the state run by republicans that are committing voter fraud.

On Friday, Husted ordered that up to 800,000 could be thrown out the window and not counted in the final tally on November 6.

This order violates Election laws, since it is up to poll workers to “protect the vote and correct missing information of the voter by section III (5) (b) (vii) not throw the Provisional ballots out of the final count.

The plaintiffs motion on an emergency basis is outlined here

At this late stage Jon Husted’s move can only be interpreted in one way, voter suppression by the republican party to rig the vote.

The new directive by Husted is making last minute changes to complying with the courts and election law:

“This new Directive makes an affirmative change to the previous provisional ballot counting standard, beyond what was required to comply with this Court’s and the Sixth Circuit’s recent orders. Instead, contrary to this Court’s October 26, 2012 decision, the Secretary’s representations to this Court on October 24, 2012, and the Constitution, the Secretary is now ordering that county boards of election must reject provisional ballots when the identification information contained in Step 2 of the ballot affirmation form 12-B is incomplete.” quote from The Atlantic

The plantiffs object to Husted’s violation of the law and his curtailing early voting hours, but these rejected votes may very well end up in the courts on November 6th between the Republicans and the Democrats.

In the long run, it is the voters who will be angry that their votes are not counted and the republicans will lose that battle.