GOP Hired Fraud Company to Destroy Voter Registrations of Democrats

Sept. 26, 2012  Why Nathan Sproul is not in jail is a mystery, after a long history of charges he manipulated the 2004, 2008 and now the 2012 Election.

Nathan Sproul stands accused of destroying Democrat Registration forms in the past, has been hired by the Republican party to help Romney win in Florida and other states by fraudulent methods. He and his firm were recently fired after it was discovered what he was really up to in five US states, manipulating the vote which is a felony charge.

The Romney campaign hired a company called Strategic Allied Consulting and fired them last night when more than 100 fraudulent registration forms were found in Palm Beach County Florida. But there’s more.

Strategic Allied is a shell company operated by Nathan Sproul.

The Florida Supervisor of Elections reported the fraud which included:

1) Shredding Democrat voter registration forms in Florida and other states such as: North Carolina, Virginia and Colorado.

2) The GOP party paid this firm $667,000.00 this year to run campaigns in Florida, that would diminish democratic votes.

3) The Romney campaign hired Nathan Sproul as a political consultant last year knowing full well that he was accused of fraud in the past.

4) Election officials are investigating voter registration cards that were shredded or destroyed by the firm, and signatures were altered or changed on others.

5) Over 106 applications were flagged in a submission batch of 304 turned in on Sept 5, 2012 by the contractor of the Republican party.

The Palm Beach Post reported that Strategic Alliance Consultants were paid 1.3 million to register new democrat voters and then switched their votes for republicans.

Romney Campaign has Nathan Sproul on their Payroll to Manipulate the Vote

The Palm Beach County Election Supervisor Susan Bucher asked the State Attorney’s Office to review applications because her staff found “similar signatures and missing information like addresses on the forms”.  Bucher gave the forms to State Attorney Peter Anonacci and Chief Assistant Paul Zachs on Monday.

The GOP hired Glen Allen for “voter registration services” and were paid $667,698 for the month of July and an identical amount for the month of August.

It is unknown how many tainted registration forms this company submitted to election officials but every form needs to be investigated for fraud.

The willful tampering with voter registration forms is a felony and punishable by 5 years in jail and a $5,000.00 fine for each instance.

The deadline for voter registration in Florida is October 9th and all voters especially in Palm Beach County as well as other states that this company has been involved to check that you are indeed registered to vote and review to whom you submitted your Voter Registration card.

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Nathan Sproul has a history of destroying Democratic Voter Registration Forms and has done so in previous elections.

Romney’s campaign has been paying Sproul since last year who goes under various names in different states:

Strategic Allied Consulting, and / or Allied Consultants Inc.,
Lincoln Strategy Group
Sproul and Associates
Allied Strategic Corporation, or Allied Consulting Inc

But his goal is the same: destroy as many as possible of democratic voter registration forms.

Sproul worked for Bush Cheney in 2004 and John McCain in 2008 and now Romney in 2012. This man needs to spend some time in jail.

The Republic Report indicates:

Sproul was paid 7.4 million under Lincoln Strategies in Oregon and Nevada in the 2004 election with George Bush/ CNN, 10/14/04

In Nevada Sproul and Associates did not register democrats under the company Lincoln Strategies and voters found their names missing from the voter rolls.

In Arizona, Lincoln Strategies used many fraudulent methods to push a ballot initiative to clean up election laws. / Salon 10/4/04

It is not surprising that the Romney campaign would hire Nathan Sproul due to their desperation to win this election.

Updated: Sept. 26, 2012

Apparently, the Romney camp has fired Nathan Sproul’s company called Strategic Allied Consulting who changed their website domain name to a private registration.

The original registration information shown below indicates Srategic Allied Consulting . com  is directly owned and operated by Sproul & Associates:

Thanks to Greg Flynn for capturing this evidence on his website.

The website registration of: strategicalliedconsulting dot com is now private information but did give us this information:

Domain Created: June 13, 2012, Expires: June 13, 2013

Administrative Contact: Scott, Brittney : Sproul and Associates Inc., 80 E. Rio Salado Pkwy, Ste. 814, Tempe, Arizona 85201 Phone: (408) 303-7175

Voter registrations for Voters is way down in Florida by a huge margin – Florida registrations have indeed been tampered with most likely by this company.

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