Google Executive Freed in Egypt

Feb. 8, 2011 Google Executive Freed in Egypt- The executive of Google who was in prison for 1o days under the actions of the current Egypt government who arrested many of the media, and the political opposition to the Mubarak regime has been released.

Mr. Wael Ghonim disappeared in Egypt 10 days ago although the US Whitehouse comments do not refer to him as being apprehended by the military or the secret police.

The brutal action by the secret police and not the military apparently is not involved.

The ministry of the interior police are the ones that Washington is worried about and many phone calls to VP Suleiman have stated that the Ministry of Interior police must be stopped from arresting, killing, attacking, assaulting or detaining any human rights activists, any Egyptian media, any Egyptian opposition forces and any journalists international or domestic should not be detained, arrested or assaulted in any way.

It seems to be falling on deaf ears in Egypt and VP. Soleiman has not been following the advice of the American government that pays for his salary through the billions of dollars given to the Egyptian government every year in foreign aid.

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights claims that the Egyptian government has arrested 1,275 people illegally since January 25, 2011 when the protests first began in the country doomed to have unrest until Pres. Mubarak steps down immediately.

Mubarak has refused stating the country will be in chaos if he steps down which allows him and his goons to continue stopping the protesters and stop the movement which is impossible at this point. The stand off continues in Tahrir Square where the largest government protests continue today Tuesday Feb. 8, 2011 with larger numbers of protesters appearing today.

Mr. Ghonim’s disappeared on January 28th and had been working with Mr. ElBaradei and was arrested by the secret police no doubt.

Mr. Omar Suleiman has been in charge of the secret police for years and is responsible for the violent crack down on civilians who were demonstrating peacefully until he unleashed the thugs and goons who attacked foreign journalists.

Mr. Suleiman would not be acceptable as a replacement for Hosni Mubarak who are one and the same as far as brutality of the Egyptian people for the past 14 days of protests and the uprising against the government.

Mr. Ghonim has been based in Cairo for has moved his wife and children to Bubai where Google has a location also. Wael was also active on Facebook and Twitter regarding the Revolution and the death of Khaled Said who was alleged to be beaten to death by the sercret police. Mr. Said had posted a video on YouTube showing the police officers dividing a bag of marijuana that had been confiscated and they were outraged at him.

A Facebook page was created in his honor which was removed and shut down by Facebook, most likely due to violent threats against Facebook.

Google Executive Wael Ghonim Released in Egypt
Google Executive Wael Ghonim Released in Egypt

The internet is still shut down in Egypt although some shops and Banks have re-opened in a country still in turmoil from the government stand off.  All tourists have left Egypt and foreign tourists including cruise ships were sent away.  The economy will not recover from the turmoil until one man who is stopping democracy steps down.

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