GMO Food To Include Swine Flu Vaccine

Updated: May 31, 2012

You have been eating GMO’d food and probably do not even know it because they don’t advertise it on the label. No labels identify GMO foods or ingredients are allowed in the USA while other countries do label GMO food for consumers.

Government regulations by the FDA have determined you do not have the right to know that your food has been altered. The main problem is a company called Monsanto that has far too many politicians in its pocket. A GMO food is not natural it has been gentically engineered or modified to become a cross species of just about anything they want to include such as fish genes in tomatos.

It is obvious that these foreign substances are approved by the FDA which many are calling for a complete overhaul because of corrupt policies including the abandoned food inspections for safety of the food supply. Foreign foods are not inspected for safety and the European inspection system far exceeds the US policies which is degrading food sold in the USA.

Campaigns to require manditory labels on GMO foods have been ignored by governments in Canada and the USA.

See: The Campaign.

Today GMO food contains pesticides in the genetic make up of the food seed, and Monsanto has been the frontrunner of GMO food threatening the safety of the food supply in the name of science.  Lawsuits across the country are fighting this complete take over by companies who are genetically modifying food products with what is now becoming frankenfood which is fake food designed to include foreign substances.

Phara Corn to Include Swine Flu Vaccines
Phara Corn to Include Swine Flu Vaccines

You can take action and join the campaign for manditory labelling of GMO Food which is threatening the health of Americans and world wide of the human race.

The current studies in the University of Iowa who are planning to add the Swine Vaccine in GMO foods such as corn is underway. This means you will be getting swine flu vaccines which is comprised of the swine, avian, SARS, Spanish Flu and other viruses will be in your corn, and other food products and you will not be told and it will not be labeled.

If you feel this frankenfoods violate your rights to a natural food supply without genetic modification you must take action and fight for it.  Demand better from your government and stop the mad scientists from developing foods that are foreign to the human body that are unfit for consumption.

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