Global Fracking Protest Goes Big

Sept. 23, 2012 If you’ve been paying attention to the problems in Pennsylvania about gas fracking a process which causes earthquakes and poisons drinking water with chemicals you’ll know that the gas industry is unregulated in gas fracking.

It is so bad in Pennsylvania that the state run by republicans are gagging doctors from discussing fracking chemicals with patients who drank the bad drinking water and now have health problems.  When a state government continues to allow big corporations with plenty of lobbyists to stop EPA regulations there is now a global outcry against big oil and big gas companies in the form of major protests and during a US election year they can voice that protest in the form of a vote.

Photo: demonstrators in Pittsburgh, Penn call for a moratorium in Gas Frackdown protests-Sept 22, 2012

In Buffalo, New York protesters called on Governor Cuomo to re-think his position on allowing gas fracking in the State of New York, which will pollute drinking water permanently. In NY State micro-breweries have lobbied against the state because it threatens jobs and an industry to pollute water used for making beer. (See: our Article)

In Ohio another area that is being fracked by gas companies earthquakes have occurred near gas fracking areas, threatening people’s personal property, their homes, businesses and the economy by damages due to excessive and unsafe fracking practices.

In the gas fracking process, millions of gallons of toxic chemicals are pumped into the ground up to 1,000 feet down which lubricates the earth’s plates to shift and in that shifting earthquakes will continue to occur.

A British gas company confirmed that in the UK gas fracking is causing earthquakes however the media has ignored this warning and continue to support gas fracking for energy independence claims by the gas industry.

In large cities or small world wide people are now learning the damage to their drinking water is far worse than having access to fossil fuels forever. More people want to protect their drinking water for once it is damaged and polluted -it will be gone forever.

If the future does not hold a tremendous shift in thinking about clean energy, gas fracking will continue to damage not only water by the air and land, for the sake of having enough gas for larger gas guzzlers sold in America.

The Food and Water Watch continue to call for a ban on fracking in America although you see these large gas and oil companies television advertisements on US networks making false claims of clean energy and independence.  The more gas that is fracked is not reducing gas prices at the pump or for home heating in fact utility prices keep rising and gouging consumers.

In Canada, which was once a prestigious clean country the Alberta tar sands and gas companies have banned together with US big oil and gas to continue the destruction of five major natural resources for the Keystone Pipeline XL.

Yesterday, 10,000 petitions were delivered to the conservative run government of Canada to put a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in Canada but the government continues with it’s plans to allow more gas fracking.

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This film is particularly important to watch if people do not stop this in Pennsylvania it will become a dead zone forever, without drinking water the state will become inhabitable.

By Earth Focus and UK Ecologist Film Unit Jan. 2011

Is natural gas worth the risk to human drinking water, and how long can human beings live without drinking water? We can live longer without natural gas than we can with drinking water.