Germany Forces Prostitution Jobs on the Unemployed

Germany Forces Prostitution Jobs on the Unemployed

If you lose your job in Germany, and don’t take a job as a prostitute you could lose your unemployment benefits as one waitress found out.

Germany has legalized prostitution several years ago and whore house owners are allowed to seek applicants from the government databases looking for workers. The sex trade is an industry in Germany backed by government approval and if a woman does not accept a job offer – she can be cut off of benefits.

The countries unemployment rate has been rising steadily, up to 4.5 million people who are out of work.

Merchthild Garweg who is a lawyer says: “there is now nothing in the law to stop women from being sent into the sex industry.”

Meanwhile brothel owners feel they have a right to look through the job center listings of unemployed women, since as they say they pay their taxes also.

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